Episodes listed in production order

Regular Voice Cast

Captain Troy Tempest Don Mason
Lt. Fisher Ray Barrett
Lt. George 'Phones' Sheridan Robert Easton
Titan Ray Barrett
Lt. Atlanta Shore Lois Maxwell
X20 Robert Easton
Commander Sam Shore Ray Barrett

Episode List

  1. Stingray
  2. Plant Of Doom
  3. Sea Of Oil
  4. Hostages Of The Deep
  5. Treasure Down Below
  6. The Big Gun
  7. The Golden Sea
  8. The Ghost Ship
  9. Count Down
  10. The Ghost Of The Sea
  11. Emergency Marineville
  12. Subterranean Sea
  13. Loch Ness Monster
  14. The Invaders
  15. Secret Of The Giant Oyster
  16. Raptures Of The Deep
  17. Stand By For Action
  18. The Disappearing Ships
  19. The Man From The Navy
  20. Marineville Traitor
  21. Tom Thumb Tempest
  22. Pink Ice
  23. The Master Plan
  24. Star Of The East
  25. An Echo Of Danger
  26. Invisible Enemy
  27. Deep Heat
  28. In Search Of The Tajmanon
  29. Titan Goes Pop
  30. Set Sail For Adventure
  31. Tune Of Danger
  32. Rescue From The Skies
  33. The Cool Cave Man
  34. A Nut For Marineville
  35. Trapped In The Depths
  36. Eastern Eclipse
  37. A Christmas To Remember
  38. The Lighthouse Dwellers
  39. Aquanaut Of The Year

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