(Series One)

Episodes listed in production order

Regular Voice Cast

Mike Mercury Graydon Gould
Jimmy Gibson Sylvia Thamm
Professor Rudolph Popkiss George Murcell
Mitch David Graham
Dr. Horatio Beaker David Graham

Episode List

  1. Rescue
  2. Amazonian Adventure
  3. The Talisman Of Sargon
  4. False Alarm
  5. What Goes Up
  6. Keep It Cool
  7. Grounded
  8. Jungle Hazard
  9. High Tension
  10. A Little Art
  11. Ice-Fall
  12. Island Incident
  13. The Tracking Of Masterspy
  14. Phantom Piper
  15. Deep Seven
  16. Pirate Plunder
  17. Flight Of Fancy
  18. Hostage
  19. The Sunken Temple
  20. Trapped In The Depths
  21. Crash Landing
  22. The Dragon Of Ho Meng
  23. The Lost City
  24. The Magic Carpet
  25. The White Line
  26. Supercar "Take One"

Series Two

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