Regular Voice Cast

Torchy Olwyn Griffiths
Mr. Bumbledrop Kenneth Connor
Flopsy Jill Raymond
Bossy Boots Jill Raymond
King Dithers Kenneth Connor
Narrator Jill Raymond
Other Voices Olwyn Griffiths & Patricia Somerset

Series One Episode List

  1. Pom-Pom And The Toys
  2. Topsy Turvy Land
  3. Torchy And Squish
  4. The Building Of Frutown
  5. Torchy And The Broken Rocket
  6. King Dithers
  7. Torchy Goes Back To Earth
  8. Bossy Boots Goes To Topsy Turvy Land
  9. Bossy Boots Is Taught A Lesson
  10. A Bell For A Penny Farthing
  11. A Trick On Pom-Pom
  12. Torchy Is Stolen
  13. King Dithers Loses His Crown
  14. Pilliwig Gets A Present
  15. Bad Boy Bogey
  16. Torchy And The Strange Animal
  17. Bossy Boots Forgets To Be Good
  18. Hungry Money Box
  19. The Naughty Twins
  20. The Twins Learn A Lesson
  21. King Dithers Goes Down To Earth
  22. Torchy Escapes At Last
  23. Torchy And The Man In The Moon
  24. Bogey And The Statues
  25. The Moon Falls Asleep
  26. Torchy's Birthday

Series Two Episode List

  1. Flopsy Goes On A Picnic
  2. Torchy Gets A Surprise
  3. Banana Bridge
  4. King Dithers And Daffy
  5. The Toys Get The Collywobbles
  6. Bogey Learns Another Lesson
  7. The Pollikan Bird Is Stolen
  8. Torchy Has An Accident
  9. Sparky The Dragon
  10. Bogey Is Naughty Again
  11. Pilliwig Cleans The Chimney
  12. Pongo The Pirate
  13. Pongo In The Goldmine
  14. King Dithers' Birthday
  15. Washing Day In Topsy Turvy Land
  16. Gluebell Wood
  17. Squish Falls Down A Well
  18. Flopsy In Trouble
  19. The Big Storm
  20. Daffy's Birthday
  21. Flopsy Makes A Christmas Pudding
  22. Gilly Golly In Trouble
  23. King Bumble Drop
  24. A New Suit For Pilliwig
  25. The Obstinate Donkey
  26. Pom-Pom Gets The Hiccups

Note: Only Series One of Torchy The Battery Boy was produced by Gerry Anderson and AP Films. Series Two was produced by Associated British Pathe for Roberta Leigh. Although the second series utilised the puppets, sets and music (arranged by Barry Gray) created by AP Films for the first series, neither Gerry Anderson nor the AP Films team were involved in the production of these later episodes.

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