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FAB Back Issues


Each issue of the official Fanderson club magazine is packed with news, interviews, feature articles, photos, trivia and detailed episode guides. Please note that unless an issue is listed below then it is out of stock and no longer available.

Issues up to FAB 75 are priced as follows:-
UK - £3.00 Issue
EU - £4.75 Issue
RW - £6.25 Issue

Issues from Issue 76 are priced as follows:-
UK - £5.50 Issue
EURO - £7.25 Issue
RW - £8.75 Issue

A tribute to the late Johnny Byrne, script editor for series one of Space:1999; an interview with director John Hough about his work on The Protectors and Part One of Stephen Baxter’s in-depth look at the links between TV Comic and the Anderson oeuvre. The latest news on November’s Barry Gray Concert in London, a reappraisal of a classic Terrahawks episode and a Space: 1999-themed Timelash.  Fireball XL5 strip (Pt10). Cover: Anderson vehicles approach Royal Festival Hall for Barry Gray concert

UFO Personnel Dossier (Pt 1): Journey to the far side of Doppelgänger (Pt 2); Supercar:The Lost City; First Anderson Memories (Pt 2); Anderson Comic History (Pt 1); Fireball XL5 stip (Pt 12). Cover Paul Foster - UFO

UFO Personnel Dossier (Pt 2):Space:1999 : The AB Chrysalis: Scripts that made Thunderbirds Go!:Anderson Comic History (Pt2); Thunderbirds Are Go memories; Fireball XL5 stip (Pt 13). Cover -Scott Tracy Thunderbirds

UFO Personnel Dossier (Pt 3); New Captain Scarlet Grey Skulls; Stingray - Behind The Scenes Gallery; Making Space:1999 (Pt 1); Fireball XL5 Fleet guide; Anderson Comic History (Pt 3); Captain Scarlet The Mystersons; The Secret Service (Pt 1). Cover - Martin Landau and Barbara Bain - Space 1999

Ask Anderson; Shane Rimmer Interview (Pt1); Thunderbirds Sun Probe; Making Space 1999 (Pt2); Super Space Theatre; Anderson Comic History (Pt 4); Space Precinct Friends; The Secret Service (Pt 2). Cover - Space Precinct

Special Anniversary Issue, Thunderbirds, UFO and Space:1999; Shane Rimmer Interview (Pt2); Thunderbirds Sun Probe; Making Space 1999 (Pt3); Super Space Theatre; Anderson Comic History (Pt 5); Captain Scarlet Avalanche; Steven Begg Interview; Anderson Lego; The Secret Service A Case For The Bishop;

*** Special Issue - Three different covers - Thunderbirds family portrait or Ed Straker looks on and Paul Foster commands Skydiver or the Moonbase Alpha Crew gather in Main Mission and Commander Koenig travels to the beautiful planet of Piri. *** Note Space:1999 cover now sold out. ***



Joe90 Breakout cover, The Investigator; Project Sword Merchandise Guide; Making Space:1999 (Pt4); Space:1999 - Seance Spectre; Graham Bleathman Sky Ship 1 Cutaway; The John Theydon Supermarionation Novels (Pt1), TV21 Convention Reviews; Four Feather Falls; Captain Scarlet War of Nerves; Timelash - A Gerry Anderson Christmas To Remember

Cover - Mary Straker in UFO, Confetti Check A-O.K; Ask Anderson; Stingray Script to Screen - Titan Goes Pop and Tune of Danger; Making Space:1999 (Pt4); Steven Begg Part 2; Project Sword Merchandise Guide Part 2; Graham Bleathman - The Cutaway King;The John Theydon Supermarionation Novels Part2; Timelash - Joe90 - Hijacked; Captain Scarlet - Human Cost of The War of Nerves

Cover - Secret Service - Most Haste Less Speed; Stingray Script to Screen - Plant of Doom and A Christmas To Remember; Keith Wilson Remembered; Project Sword Merchandise Guide Part 3; Graham Bleathman - Archive - Stingray;The John Theydon Supermarionation Novels Part3; The Secret History of Doppelganger; Timelash - Stingray - The Master Plan

Cover - Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue; The Art of Keith Wilson; Ian Wingrove interview; John Levene interview; Graham Bleathman - Archive - Captain Scarlet; Midas Touch - Captain Scarlet:Manhunt; Anderson Productions on 8mm film; Four Feather Falls Production Order: Fanderson 30th Birthday Party; Timelash - Terrahawks - Cry UFO; UFO Moonbase cutaway

The Art of Keith Wilson (part 2), Steve Kyte interview, Moonbase Alpha Personnel Dossier (part 1), The Midas Touch: Joe 90 Splashdown, Derek Meddings interview, Robert Easton and Philip Madoc obituaries, Timelash: Thunderbirds The Uninvited. Cover: Exclusive Steve Kyte wraparound artwork

Nicholas Parsons interview, Fleetway comics (part 1), Moonbase Alpha Personnel Dossier (part 2), The Midas Touch: Fireball XL5 The Granatoid Tanks, Steve Kyte art gallery, Timelash: UFO Flight Path. Cover: Gordon Tracy/Steve Kyte art

Joe 90: The Original Four, Thunderbirds 2086, Moonbase Alpha Personnel Dossier (part 3), Fleetway comics (part 2), The Midas Touch: Stingray Marina Speaks, Timelash: New Captain Scarlet Rat Trap. Cover: Joe McClaine/Josef Nineski comic strip (part 1)

Tribute to Gerry Anderson, Fleetway comics (part 3). Cover: The World of Gerry Anderson/Josef Nineski comic strip (part 2)

Century 21 photographer Doug Luke, The Cars of The Protectors, Thunderbirds in The Netherlands, Gerry Anderson Fleetway comics (part 4), Timelash: Thunderbird 6. Cover: Exclusive Graham Bleathman wraparound artwork

Captain Scarlet celebration. Interviews with Sarah Bullen and Doug Luke.The Midas Touch: Space Precinct - Protect and Survive, Timelash: Supercar The Sky's The Limit and Fireball XL5 Spy In Space, Recall To Service: Mike Trim. Cover Captain Scarlet: Spectrum Hovercraft by Chris Thompson

Nick Tate cover and interview Part 1, Space Precinct 20 years after transmisson Part 1; Script to Screen - Thunderbirds - The Duchess Assignment, Crossroads to Crime, Recall to Service - Zienia Merton, Timelash: Proctectors Wam Parts 1 & 2

Captain Scarlet Cover, Recall to Service - Steve Begg, Nick Tate Interview part 2, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons - Lunarville trilogy, Thunderbirds 2086 merchandise, Space Precinct guide part 2, The Physics of Thunderbirds, UFO - The Man Who Came Back

Front cover boasts a specially-commissioned and stunning piece of artwork from Steve Kyte to celebrate 50 years of Stingray - we accelerate to rate 6 and celebrate all 39 Stingray episodes in style! Mike Noble, Recall to Service, we catch up with the illustrious TV Century 21 artist, Unfilmed Doppelganger, we reveal the contents of the original Century 21 feature film Journey to the Far Side of the Sun and much, much more!

FAB 80

We take an in-depth look at The Secret Service, recall Shane Rimmer to service, interview the 'first lady' of UFO Ayesha Brough and explore the techical wonders of Thunderbird 3!

FAB 80

FAB 81

With an awesome front cover courtesy of Chris Thompson, FAB 81 celebrates all 26 epsiodes UFO. Steve Kyte explores the Anderson activity books while the Thunderbirds 2004 movie gets the Timelash treatment. 

FAB 81

FAB 82

FAB 82 features an interview with script editor Alan Pattillo and a tour of MoonBase Alpha.

FAB 82

FAB 83

A tribute issue to the one and only Sylvia Anderson

FAB 83

FAB 84

FAB 84 features Fanderson's one and only interview with Sylvia Anderson from The Future is Fantastic! convention, published in full. There's also a look back at SuperCar, The Protectors and the London Airport of Thunderbirds.

FAB 84

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