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A selection of Gerry Anderson models.
Space1999 Eagle Lab Pod and Booster, Comet Miniatures Mini Metal.  The pod and booster are scratch built.
Mini Metal Eagle conversion on resin Launch Pad kit.
UFO Resin/white metal model in scratch built Interceptor Launch bay.
TB2 lift off diorama, Imai TB2 kit.
Fireball XL5 Space City, scratch built diorama using the Comet Miniatures Mini Metal Fireball XL5.
Fireball Space City diorama, Space City and Firball were available as limited edition models through Fanderson.
Zero X, heavily modified Imai kit.
UFO Alien ambush, 1/48th scale, uses a Dinky Strakers car.
UFO, ESP, mini diorama using the small models include in Imai UFO kits.
UFO Lunar Module and SID.
UFO Lunar Module and SID.
Captain Scarlet diorama, these are the smaller versions of the Imai kits.
Spectrum Passenger Jet, Imai kit.
Spectrum, 1/6th Vinyl figures from Sevans.
Thunderbirds Are Go Zero X, resin model.
Thunderbirds Are Go zero X, resin model.
Thunderbirds Wombat Carrier Aircraft, scratchbuilt diorama.
Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons pilot, Zero X, resin model.
Captain Scarlet Koala Base Hovercraft, resin model.

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