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jmessy007 12th October 2013 08:53 PM

Terrahawks event
Had a fantastic time at Expect the Unexpected. Thanks to everyone at Fanderson for making it such an enjoyable day! :)

Purupuss 12th October 2013 10:03 PM

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Matthew Harding 12th October 2013 10:20 PM


Originally Posted by Purupuss (Post 18686)
I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Same here - I hope everyone who attended today's Terrahawks event had a great day - I know Jack had a fantastic time.

john61 13th October 2013 07:24 AM

I'm genuinely sad that I had to work. I would have loved to attend. Looking forward to the photos.

amberdon 13th October 2013 09:30 AM

It was a very enjoyable event. The hotel was excellent, although the room we were using was a tad on the chilly side during the evening meal and quiz

andersonitis 14th October 2013 12:21 AM

Expect the Unexpected
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Got back this morning from this wonderful convention
It was only a 1 day event but it was 10am till 10pm ish
There was a room where some of the Great modellers & puppet artists were interviewed & the audience were invited to participate with Q & As
Hight spots for me were Stephen Woodcock & John Lee being interviewed they explained that their big break was that they hired part of an old Huddersfield factory where they filmed scenes of model & sets in a Supermarionation situation, cars moving across bridges through tunnels etc
& they filmed it presented the show reels to Bob Bell & Gerry & a week later they got the job working with Stephen Begg
But what was amazing was they were only 21 years old
Photos were shown of John Lees homage to Sun probe when he was 18
Unbelievable stuff
Interspersed with the interviews was Hd episodes especially premiered at this event by Kindred Productions who also were behind all the sound & vision throughout
Nick Williams of Fanderson compared the event throughout the day & he really is full of life & wit, the day was really special under his stewardship
Ian Fryer took tge helm as chief Interviewer of guests & a fine job he did dashing about letting people ask question on his portable microphone.
In another room was David Sissons showing all of his models (we're not worthy)
& Fanderson had a table selling their wares
I brought along Phil Raes laminated Blueprints & put them on the wall & I displayed my Kate Kestrel head
But to be honest apart from David Sissons Repro models original props there was very few
I would have brought my puppets to cheer everyone up but I imagined puppets would be a no no at a Terrahawks event
Another high spot for me was a raffle 1 to be drawn early evening & 1 late evening
I being greedy bought loads of tickets & my greed paid off as I won 2 prizes in the afternoon
I could have grabbed a Robert Harrop Atlanta but settled for a poster plus a really natty Brains sweatshirt that suits my fat stomach just fine

I confess I went off for an afternoon doze, all those dark room interviews make me want to zzzzz.
Just old age nothing to do with the calibre of the day
Later in the evening there was a meal & a quiz & I joined at table of intellectual Tv fans who out of 10 -12 tables of teams we won the quiz at the end of the night questions asked by Nick Williams(a wonderful compere) were relating to Dramas, Comedy,Sci fi, etc etc
1 round was to identifty 60-70 fast moving clips of old tv programmes
Teams were allowed to go back & watch the film of the clips a few times as you just cannot write them down fast enough
There was a lovely meal of Beef Stroganoff or Curry & it was really tasty & plenty to drink as free Fizz was provided
Again I mention we won the quiz & our prizes were goodie bags of cds badges stickers
Plus we all got a Terrahawks cube each & in it was loads of choccies,crisps sweets Angel delight ? Pot Noodle ? & lollypops
I must commend the Fanderson team on providing a fun packed day
They make you feel really special with your name badges
I had a great day & made new friends

Thank you

andersonitis 14th October 2013 12:33 AM

More pics
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Forgot to mention in the evening raffle I won UFO hardback book

Another Brains sweatshirt


andersonitis 14th October 2013 12:34 AM

Models room
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Heres a few more pics

andersonitis 14th October 2013 12:35 AM

Models room 2
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Views from the model room

andersonitis 14th October 2013 12:36 AM

We are the Champions my friend
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We'll keep on fighting...till the end

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