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SPC1 16th May 2018 08:55 PM

was aunt sylvia considered a 'recurring' character?
ITV had the idea of giving 'thunderbirds are go' the green light in 2013 was shortly after gerry anderson had died because he tried numerous attempts to resurrect his finest series after 'thunderbird 6' was released in 1968 including a test film made round about i think 2006.the second season was commissioned just before season 1 started & oddly enough the current third season was accepted two years ago after sylvia anderson passed away.if 'rally raid' was dedicated to her memory in the credits i think the idea of this remake & further series was done in memory of the couple that created it.anyone agree?and did ITV left the door open for sylvia anderson to do aunt sylvia's voice in a second episode after 'designated driver' just before her death?

Thunderbird 2 18th May 2018 02:29 PM

In a word, no.

Lady Sylvia appeared once and was mentioned once in a later episode.
Mrs Sally Tracy, Colonel Casey, Fischler, LeMaire, Professor Moffat, Captain's Taylor, OBannon and Rigby, Mr Kinnear and Ned Tedford have all appeared in two episodes or more. Thry are reoccuring chraracters.

Bill Everatt 18th May 2018 06:54 PM

There was a special feature in one of the television shows here in the UK which covered Designated Driver. Sylvia Anderson was interviewed about her involvement in the new series, as well as footage of her recording session with David Graham.

At the end of the piece she was driven away in the full size FAB1, with the words, "Home Parker, one last time!" This was delivered with such finality, I said to my wife, that I thought that Sylvia Anderson was possibly terminally ill.

She didn't look too well in the footage, and a couple of months later she had passed away.

Make of that what you will...

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