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Smile A Year Has Come Round Quickly

Goodness, a year has passed quickly. It would be lovely to know another Convention was being planned, however the organisers may not have recovered from last year's yet. Since the puppet works were covered in such depth, maybe the next time Gerry's live action work should be concentrated on, although every aspect of his career should be represented if possible. What we must remember about Fanderson Conventions is the tremendous amount of work which goes into organising one. Like everyone else I love them and they are great fun and yes I cannot wait for the next one but it is so easy to forget just what a strain these events are on those running them.

There are several conventions I have seen, past and future, where private cameras and spontaneous snaps of guests are banned on the grounds that it is discourteous to them, replaced with professional photo sessions where you can be photographed with guests for a very expensive amount of money. Different tickets can be purchased to get faster up the autograph queues etc. What is wrong with first come, first serve? I have probably opened a hornets' nest as some organisers may very well read this. What I think is so wonderful about the Fanderson conventions is that they make money for charity and there is a family atmosphere. Guests are available for informal chats and it is a different world from some other conventions. In this difficult economic climate it is nice to have a convention also open to non members at a reasonable price, run by friendly and helpful people.

I think it might be a nice idea to set up a section on this forum for people to discuss what they would like to see at the next convention. What did people think of the hotel in Bristol? For my own part I was not that impressed and wonder if we could go back to the one in Borehamwood. The hotel layout is easier to move around in and there are all the locations used in several of Gerry's shows nearby. When the next convention takes places we know it will be up to Fanderson's usual high standard.
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