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Default IR = adventure

I concur with most of what Keith says. Thunderbirds is about rescue and adventure, not a lavish travelogue however beautifully made. Breaking cover and sending part of the crew on a holiday trip is against the IR canon (which is also broken in some episodes which also were better off not being made).
Wanting a TB6 without knowing why is proposterous. No wonder Brains gets a stutter.

Tb6 more adult? I don't see it. The characters don't behave all that out-of-known-character but are dropped in an out-of-canon situation. From a Thunderbirds fan viewpoint the film is boring as hell - far worse than TaG with its superfluous dream sequence. And that was a mediocre film too. Trapped in the Sky, Atlantic Inferno, Sun probe or Armada paperback Ring of Fire would have been excellent movies on par with 007. Now they are mostly showcases. For the puppet afficionado still a joy to watch but not for story content.

As for Joe-90 : tb6 scenes were used there. The series was made with loving eye for detail but not quite believable. In fact anything after Thunderbirds on the puppet scene I can easily forget. It was downhill from there
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