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Finished disk one now. Really taking my time over this. I've waited long enough to see it, so I'm certainly not going to rush it. I can't for the life of me fathom out why this remarkable little gem was never shown in London. It can't be because it was feared too few people would watch. Does anyone know, is this the only Century 21 production set in the current time? Looking at it, everything indicates it's set in the time it was made. Car number plates and current models and what have you. Also I was surprised to see a Securicor van featured in an episode instead of a fictional security company. One thing made me laugh. One episode had a lot of it set in Esher, just up the road from me. All I can say is Esher must have changed a lot since the late 1960's, and so has the A30. I drive on that road often and it doesn't look anywhere near as charming as it did in that episode. It's a lovely series and I'm looking forward to disk two.
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