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Originally Posted by Hiram K Hackenbacker View Post
So renewed interest in Fanderson and a higher volume of activity on the club's official Facebook page warrants closing the club exactly?
Because according to you everything that can be said about the genuine Gerry shows has been said.
I don't think you mean it but it is the gist of what you said to defend the inclusion of TAG.

That there would be renewed interest is a given but those seeking information should note that Fanderson is for Gerry shows and neither the forum nor Facebook cost anything so filling it up with whatever doesn't make any difference.
FAB is a magazine we pay for and I would have thought most people buy it for Gerry shows which is why TAG has had as much coverage as it deserves ( until it returns).

For the umpteenth time it is NOT a Gerry show so it should only receive a limited amount of coverage like the 2004 movie, TB2086 and other product that is inspired by the real shows.
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