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Originally Posted by DukeDexter View Post
I distinctly recall ATV using the ATV jingle before showings of Space: 1999 Yr 2 on Sundays in the late 70s.

I'm pretty sure when I was very young, Granada didn't bother with the 5-4-3-2-1 on some screenings of Thunderbirds and would start at the point where the TB logo appeared. That would have been late 60s.
I might be mistaken about the use of the jingle because I didn't get to see much of 1999 on ATV.
The last one they aired was Xmas Day 1978 when The Immunity Syndrome was shown at 2pm to replace 3-2-1 which was cancelled because YTV were on strike.
I don't know if any other unscheduled replacements were shown but ATV never had a scheduled listing for Space 1999 after Xmas Day 1978

I think Granada were one (possibly the only one) of the regions that aired TB in 3 parts on its initial run. Might they have possibly been going from the same source which would remove the episode clips which would have contained clips not shown that day.

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