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Those ideas would have been great.

So many options!

1: I guess seeing how 'Dominion' ended, it could open a few years later with Spectrum having disbanded, then the old team being picked off one by one by the Mysterons before they launch a massive attack. The team would obviously have to come back together. (Captain Magenta would obviously have to be killed in a Mysteron honey trap!)

2: Maybe a mini-arc where Captain Blue may or may not have been killed and reconstructed by the Mysterons and keeps the viewers guessing.

3: Spectrum and the Mysterons joining forces to stop a government faction from weaponising kidnapped Mysterons.

4: An old Spectrum agent who was presumed dead manipulating the Mysterons to get his revenge on Colonel White.

5: One of the main cast turning traitor but we don't know who until later in the series.

6: A Mysteron assault on Skybase led by Captain Black goes wrong, leading to the cast being knocked unconscious so we can see flashbacks into their past (especially Scarlet, White and Black!)

7: Maybe end with the Mysterons releasing their hold on Black before telling Spectrum that they'll stop the war as long as Black is killed in revenge for destroying their city.

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