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The albums have arrived in excellent quality packaging, and the sound quality of the vinyl is superb, I'm playing it on high-quality turntable and stylus and it sounds quite lovely.

Please sirs, could we have some more Anderson soundtrack vinyl ? ;

Pleased your albums arrived safely and that you like the sound quality. We deliberated for some time before deciding to go with the idea of vinyl. Sales have been extremely promising for what is quite a niche market so without any hard promises we will certainly be looking at a possible follow up.
When I was sent a proof copy to check I couldn't wait to get it on the turntable (I had to buy a new one as we had no longer got one in the house!). It was so worth the expense. Of course it has also meant that I can now play the many collectible "Anderson" related vinyls I've bought over the years but never played.
We have been privileged to released many wonderful items over the years and in my opinion this vinyl album is certainly in my top 5 favourites.

Stephen Brown
Fanderson Sales
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