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Originally Posted by phase5 View Post
And only a few days after JOE 90 arrived my copy of FAB Grooves LP arrived.

And it truly is FABULOUS.

Double LP, gatefold, HUGE beautiful booklet!

Many Thanks to everyone at Fanderson for making it available.

Now all I have to do is wait for the new needles I ordered for the turntable to arrive; before I play it.
Glad you approve. The responses so far have been fantastic. Even though I say so myself it really is a beautiful package and certainly takes me back to my record collecting days of the 1970s. I hadn't had a record deck for years but as soon as I knew we where going to produce this I corrected that situation... needles eh! now there's a thought, anyone want us to do a Bakelite 78rpm version (now that WOULD be retro!

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