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This episode managed to delight me by balancing a really understated realistic rescue with more dramatic mechanic shenanigans.

I imagine this is the one fan-fiction writers have been waiting for these last 52 years: Momma Tracy's Ranch, brother's bantering about the old days etc, great stuff!
Loved the X-Men style 'Danger-Room' and the storage facilities for TB1 and TB2.

That wild-west-style music, another winner from the Foster Brothers! And speaking of music...well I don't even want to spoil it here (even thought I'm giving spoilers)....but that final piece of music, amazing choice!!!

A rescue that was understated as I've said, but carried out carefully and professionally and with lots of nice moments between Kat and her rescuers.

John gets more to do on Earth AGAIN, loving this trend!

Kayo's back, 'nuff said!


When Alan was watching TBS and FAB1 fly off, I almost expected him to say "I wish that was me!"

Oh OH! And the Mechanic, that bit where John said "You have to be family to call her that!", could this be a not so-subtle hint that most folks have guessed at??

Top stuff!
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