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Originally Posted by saturnapollo View Post
I realise you happen to like it, but it is a reimagining of a Gerry Anderson series (a much superior one I have to say). And Fanderson is set up to honour the works of Gerry Anderson, not a poor imitation in which he had no input.

I agree. It's on TV in Oz just about every day and occasionally (when nothing else is on) I've stopped to watch it....and quickly found something else - anything else really - to watch instead. But it's Thunderbirds (sort of) so there are bound to be fans.

As for future FAB issues, I imagine it is going to be harder to find material to write about. I guess Space Patrol has a connection but I remember series very well. I hated me it was a poor man's Fireball XL5. Maybe when I read the article I'll see something of merit in it....but not enough to get it on DVD. ;-)

I only recently rejoined Fanderson (after a few years in having-to-watch-the-budget-to-pay-the-bills exile and a long stretch in hospital) and it will be interesting to see where FAB goes.
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