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Originally Posted by thegeminiman View Post
Sorry to re-register but I've been keeping an eye on things and I felt the need to correct a few inaccuracies that have appeared. I can't post on the members only section hence this new thread.

Lightcudder: the post today from CJ88 pretty much sums up my views on that matter.
Yes I slagged off fan fiction but you seemed to take it personally.
I don't know why but it does look pretty childish to have the "unimportant crap" tag added to the bottom of all your posts.
You can lie all you want but your posts make it immediately obvious that you took the criticism of fan fiction personally - and then some.
There are many areas of Anderson fandom but its unlikely that anyone takes an interest in them all. Just because one person thinks its crap should not make any difference to the people who enjoy that one particular area.
I can only repeat that there was no criticism of you as a person or as a Fanderson member intended.

LIkewise my criticism of back issue prices also seemed to be taken personally by "Jasonsmith". I can only assume the restructuring was his idea which is why he took it to heart. Clearly having been in charge of Fanderson sales for 20 years he has done an exemplary job and his input is never less than excellent.
While I don't share the views on back issue prices I hoped we could agree to differ.

Dukedexter : this guy has on more than one occasion tried to insinuate that the forum was once a paradise but that I ruined it and without me it would return to greatness. Firstly I have been a member for just over 7 years as he has so I've been on the forum since the earliest days and for a guy who's input usually amounts to a reminder to buy the latest issue of his magazine once every few months its a bit rich commenting on lack of posts when the majority of his amount to self serving publicity.

Boxy and I had a disagreement on the forum once. My attempts to point out that his opinion being posted as if it was fact was wrong was taken as me not accepting others opinions.

In fact , since I've not been able to respond the posts claiming that I was abusive and insulting to members have appeared from quite a few people but as ever these people were not able to provide links to the posts in question - mainly because they do not exist.
Having strong opinions on something that do not agree with yours is not abuse nor insulting unless you try and take it that way.

My vote is to go for Nick Williams suggestion of soft touch moderation.
In all these problems people seem to have with me my posts have never resorted to insults(apart from returning them to those who go first) nor profanities.

Regular contributors to the forum may not mention it but must be aware that some peoples views about me stem from my comments about people they associate with or admire. So my lengthy posts about Stephen La Riviere during the TB65 campaign threw up a few new enemies who took umbrage simply because I criticised someone who in their view was making a contribution to Anderson fandom.
Likewise when I commented on Jamie Anderson.
I admit I made unflaterring comments about both but these comments were based on information available but nobody who countered the comments had anything relevant to say except "you can't say that".

If I was ever to return to the forum might I suggest that the very useful IGNORE feature is added ( I don't think its there already) so that anyone who has any problems with my comments can simply remove them from their screen.

A big thanks to the members who have spoken out in support of me and who seem to understand where I'm coming from.
And a sincere apology to anyone genuinely offended or upset by anything I have ever said. That was never the intention and for anyone who still feels this way I hope you can accept that my views on "things" are not in anyway related to my views on "people".

Also an apology to Fanderson committee for this illegal re-registration. Look on the bright side. Its against the rules and would definitely make for a legit reason to permanently ban me.

I find it offensive that you accuse me of being a liar. Your trolling is also offensive. You may think what you like about me but personal comments have no place on a forum. I do not actually care what you (or anyone) think about my writing, but your attitude was offensive to all those dedicated fanfic writers who you (as you admit) 'slagged off' and who refused to comment on the forum because of the atmosphere of bullying.

And let the trolling begin.
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