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Every late August in the City of Toronto there is the growing semi-corporate Comic-Con-nish fanExpo Canada drawing a weekend crowd upwards of 70,000 people. This is a great event but the emphasis as you and others is like the guests love seeing you but don't forget to pay $80 to have William Shatner sign across your undotted line!
Martin Landau charged 'alf that price but let's face you come up with that $um cuz he's "one of us!"
At the July Godzilla fests in Chicago we have just over 1200 people,more relaxed approach mild emphasis on paying for a cheap autograph and from what I remember no fee4photos..
Our Japanese guest stars blend in quickly a la Ed Bishop and Shane Rimmer and spontaneity Rules....for impromptu signings beyond the stated in the programme guide....two items per guest.....via a $5 ticket available at the G-Fan magazine /DKE the damages are slight...Veteran G-Fest goers such as I are experienced in sniffing out sudden opportunities that pop up to grab one signature on the run apart from the cattle call assembly lines.
I'm rather sure that a con that is flexible as G-fests are and perhaps the Fanderson ones I've been generate more good will this way as far as guest access for signings,takin' snaps, chumming around.
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