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Originally Posted by ScottyM1967 View Post
Star Trek and 1999? Absolutely, he had less of an idea how to handle both shows. With Trek, I feel he did the best he could under those circumstances: a network that had no faith in the series and wanted it gone; a total lack of budget and a creator who stepped back so far as to be nearly totally uninvolved. By the time the series was winding down, nobody who was part of the series during the best years was on the show. It was practically run by Freiberger and his story editor Arthur Singer. Some great episodes came out of that year.
That's very true Received (fan) wisdom tells us that Freiberger destroyed Star Trek - but that's not quite what happened. There's a series of books on Trek, 'These Are The Voyages', and they're very interesting and illuminating regarding what went on during production. The network seemed to want to bury Star Trek as they had a poor relationship with Roddenberry. But Freiberger comes out of it with some credit - he may not have been much of a writer but he kept the 3rd season on schedule and on budget, which hadn't been the case before his tenure and was a stipulation of his employers. Good producer, perhaps less so regarding his writing.
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