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Originally Posted by ScottyM1967 View Post
To be fair for Freiberger, he didn't kill off Wild Wild West in the slightest. He actually saved it.
I only mentioned these shows as he was producing in the final season.
I'm not familiar with WWW so I don't know whether the quality suffered.

But I am familiar with what happened to Star Trek in season 3 and I do recall that SMDM was getting quite poor even before Freiberger stepped in.

I'm not of the view that he killed 1999 as I enjoyed his revamp. It was so different to Year One. I don't think a second year similar to Year One would have worked too well either but I guess that the direction he took Year Two down was going to polarise opinions and it was so different that there just wouldn't be enough positivity to make Year 3 a reality although didn't we hear from some sources that Year 3 was on the cards but ITC couldn't afford it because of Lew Grades moves into films?

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