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You can understand ITV agreeing to a Thunderbirds reboot. Even though it's kiddie channel fodder the brand alone likely makes it worth ITV's investment.
Apart from a small hardcore Space 1999 isn't the brand that TB is. The general public will recall it as po-faced metaphysical claptrap with Star Wars quality effects and none of the warmth of Star Trek or if they recall Year 2 their opinion might be even worse.

Even in this CGI age a live action show of that kind would be way beyond ITV's budget even to reach the quality of the original series so if it's a reality then surely it must be a TAG style CGI notion that nobody would really want.

If the idea is so hot then rerun the originals. Far higher quality than anything ITV could churn out today and it's been the best part of a decade since they were on ITV4

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