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For some reason, despite the fact that it was basically typed and cut and paste with Letraset for the headlines and titles... I always loved S.I.G. and much preferred it to Century 21. Physically the quality of C21 was better, but I could just never quite get into it in the way that I had its illustrious predecessor.

It's impossible now to give any real reasons for this, since I only have three copies of S.I.G. and maybe two of C21 - but I tend to think that it may well have been simply that the quality of writing in the former was better. That's not to say that C21 was without merit, far from it, but I have, as they say, very fond memories of S.I.G. and none really of C21. There may, of course, be many reasons for this, above and beyond the question of the magazines' quality. There was a certain 'innocence' about S.I.G. which seemed to suit the times in which it was produced - it was a true pioneer at a time when Anderson fandom was only just really starting to get going.

I believe that C21 lasted for 15 issues - although I cannot find a copy of 15 anywhere. Dave Nightingale was one of the 'originals', who produced the magazine due to his deep and genuine love for Gerry Anderson's work. I had a couple of things published in S.I.G., but by the time C21 came along, I had moved on to other things - which may help to explain why it didn't mean so much to me.

Nowadays we have FAB and Andersonic... but 'Supermarionation is GO' will never be forgotten. Cheers Dave.
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