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Originally Posted by lightcudder View Post

As we all know now, fanfic is 'unimportant crap'.

... I wonder if the so-called 'fans' who deride fanfiction ever read the comic strips? Which of course are little more than 'fanfiction with illustrations' .

Fanfic is definitely not appreciated by all fans, personally I am not interested a bit. Comics may indeed be considered fanfiction and millions of copies are available, for every taste. I have some preferences, most Anderson comics included, silver age Batman and Green Lantern too.

The point is: anyone interested in writing and reading fanfic, please do so and enjoy it thoroughly, but keep it out of FAB magazine. Find pals and create a new Anderson fanfic magazine. Same as (new) comics. But not in FAB, the way it is now is fine with me.

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