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Originally Posted by lightcudder View Post
No. I think not.

As we all know now, fanfic is 'unimportant crap'. I will stick to writing my own ideas and stop bothering 'fans' here.

Shame really, as there are many people who appreciate the efforts made by ALL fans of Gerry Anderson, in whatever way they chose to celebrate his work.

On an after note, I wonder if the so-called 'fans' who deride fanfiction ever read the comic strips? Which of course are little more than 'fanfiction with illustrations' .

If anyone wishes to contact me, please message me as I doubt very much if I will bother posting here again. Sometimes it doesn't seem worth being a fan.

I think there are others who enjoy fan fiction so no reason not to post here just because not everybody agrees with your opinion. Talk about throwing your toys out of the pram.
If you can't accept that other people don't share your interests or that forum posts are the opinion of the person who posts them that's your problem. Just because I think it's unimportant crap doesn't mean everyone else does.
I think the same about the new Thunderbirds Are Go series but many comment about it here and there are articles on it in FAB so fans of that show recognise an opinion when they see one.
If you don't want to comment on here because we're not all fan fiction fanboys that's your choice.

Curious that Commander Desica comes up with an idea that might be rather interesting to read and you blow it away.
As for equating fan fiction to the comic strips in TV21 , Countdown etc - delusions of grandeur I think.
I'm only guessing but I was under the impression those were written by professional writers often with guidance from Gerry and others and the whole concept was managed by people connected to Century 21

There's absolutely no reason for you not to start your own thread dedicated to everything fan fiction, just because most don't seem to want it in FAB. There are threads on the new series aswell as other aspects of the shows that I'm not interested in. I expect they are read by people interested in those areas.


I decided to look at Lightcudders site and the front page photo seems to justify my comment about romantic fantasies after all. I expect there are other interpretations of a topless Ed Straker being massaged though.

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