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Originally Posted by hans sterk View Post

Fanfic is definitely not appreciated by all fans, personally I am not interested a bit. Comics may indeed be considered fanfiction and millions of copies are available, for every taste. I have some preferences, most Anderson comics included, silver age Batman and Green Lantern too.

The point is: anyone interested in writing and reading fanfic, please do so and enjoy it thoroughly, but keep it out of FAB magazine. Find pals and create a new Anderson fanfic magazine. Same as (new) comics. But not in FAB, the way it is now is fine with me.
I'm pretty ambivalent about 'fanfic' and generally don't find interest in it or read it. However, I do find comic strips a different proposition although in general they are, of course, also fiction. And I find the occasional few pages of comic strip in FAB very welcome.

I take an interest in the artistry of comic strip (of subjects I have an interest in) including the style, technique and technicality. To a large extent they need to follow the designs of the original series (characters, scenic settings and machinery/vehicles) to be believable and representative, although, of course, the storyline can take a new or different direction.

Has Fanderson thought about commissioning a strip for serialisation in FAB. It might help to attract new members.

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