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Certainly not a usual “major rescue” episode but a nicely put together story that I suspect is laying some ground for the series finale.

Some nice touches with the music – starting with a “Good, Bad and the Ugly” variant of the usual themes; and moving thru to the Tracy lounge piano at the end. Shame the opportunity wasn’t taken to actually have Virgil playing it.

On the subject of Virgil, he was writing left handed – has that ever been established before?

The mystery around the mechanic and his knowledge of International Rescue and the Tracy family continues to build – it was clear he was at the Ranch before they arrived to “borrow some computing power” and “wasn’t expecting them to turn up”. How come he knows where it is and what facilities are there?

Has Kat only been introduced for this episode or is she going to turn up again? I’d favour the latter.

Great to see the hover-bikes make an appearance – and for them to be used to good effect and not just as a gimmicky reference to the original series.

Whilst the rescue itself was perhaps a side story to some extent, it was well thought out in terms of it’s practicality; and it was good to see all the team having to work together.

I commented a couple of episodes back that there seems to be a lot more confidence and consistency in this batch of episodes in terms of how the characters should be behaving and interacting, and that the style seems to have settled down a bit – this episode, to me, seems to confirm that, hopefully this will be maintained as the show moves forward.
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