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Old 27th April 2018, 10:51 AM
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Originally Posted by David View Post
There is increasing talk of a manned mission to Mars, but I don't think that they have ironed out all of the problems, real and potential, yet.
A bit like driverless cars. But that's another car crash (pun intended)
Yep, lots to sort out.

They half expected the first Falcon Heavy launch in Feb to explode on the pad, but took the view it would produce some "valuable data" if it did.

But there's now a car in space.....


... and the next test launch is going to try and put 24 satellites up in one go.

To quote from Elon Musk:

"Life cannot just be about solving one sad problem after another. There need to be things that inspire you, that make you glad to wake up in the morning and be part of humanity. That is why we did it. We did for you."

Anyway.... nearly time for another episode.....


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Old 2nd May 2018, 10:18 PM
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AHEM!! Dragging this back Onto topic...

There are a few cliches that have been poked at both versions of Thunderbirds. But one that stands out is the use of “outer space.” In TOS it is how it feels underused considering the series was made during the Space race. TAG's appears to be a lack of continuity in how “Busy” the Solar System is.

We are presented here with a Space based version of the Gray and Houseman road maker for TOS, but since that (in Crablogger mode) was turned into the Hydrexler Seabed vehicle back in Under Pressure, here we are given an isolated Mining Land Crawler, and one that clearly has seen better days. We are again given a story that suggests Space exploration and mining is a broken down industry, with little resources and support, in contrast to Space Race, and echoing Slingshot. The writers really need ot decide if TAG wants to emulate Star Trek or Red Dwarf in this regard and stick with that choice.

As scientific engineering credibility went out the airlock with Up From The Depth II and Long Haul last year, I am going to scoot past the lack of environmental and energy gathering nonsense displayed here. I will say that seeing Thunderbird 3.2 giving the crawler the “Get out and push” treatment is dramatic, but it, like the solar panel truck near the terminator of daylight is best not thought about.

That leaves the character aspects, and here Night and Day does very well. Brains anxiety about doing a good job, and Andi Houseman's skepticism about outsiders from Earth quickly establishes the awkward meeting between the two and the way they gel over the course of the story works nicely. Andi demonstrates again you can have characters who are a bit off or unwelcoming that can add to a story and help to develop characters. Her embarrassment and appreciation of Brains generosity are nicely balanced, and its nice to see them start to become friends. Its that working things through adversity aspect that creates the tension in this story.

One of Brains's most likeable qualities is he is not judgemental. He takes people as he finds them (as he did in TOS as well) and that is an open quality. Its clear both he and Alan make friends amongst the Mercury Miners.
Alan too is written well this time round, echoing Falling Skies, Colony, Impact and Long Haul. His sarky skepticism at how the technology is used is completely understandable but through it all he does as Brains says because he trusts him. The scenes of the two at the start and close of the story are nicely written and beautifully executed by the Voice Artists. If only he was always written with this correct balance of maturity and enthusiasm. Pity about the crater mishap though, that was unnecessary.

Night and Day is an average episode. The science is a mess, but the visuals and the characters make up for these problems to make it enjoyable as a team effort story. I guess that is the best we could hope for considering the somewhat contained nature of the story.

Plus Points:
Surface appearance of Mercury is accurate
The mining vehicle feels “industrial”
Thunderbird 3.2 switching to Ion Drive.
Believable guest characters. First impressions...
Nice team building storyline.
The daylight versus night dangers....

Iffy Elements:
The poor to nonsensical science peppered throughout the story.
A lot of “Saved at the very last second” moments.
The solar sails are incorrectly used, and look like Solar panels!

Iffy to Excruciating Elements:
Alan gets the Space pod stuck in a crater, and needs gearing guidance? - He a trained Astronaut!

Possible References:
The motion of the crawler is like the Jawa's Sand Crawler in the original Star Wars.
The danger of being toasted by the Sun came up in Sunshine (2007)
A lunar mining colony with industrial heavy vehicles was the setting in Moon (2009)
Andi Houseman looks a little like Lieuteant Detmer (Emily Coutts) on Star Trek Discovery.

TOS References & Other Anderson:
The storyline is a space based version of End of The Road and by implication, Sunprobe.

Continuity Good...
We are told Andi Houseman is the daughter of Gray's “late Partner.”
This is Brains first mission aboard Thunderbird 3.2.
Brains and Alan's final scene echoes the chat Brains and Mrs Tracy had at the end of “Lost Kingdom”
As with TB1.2's blue Skypod, and TB2.2's green Mountainpod, now TB3.2 has a red Spacepod with additional window ports.

... And Bad,
We have seen the GDF have Astronaut crew, such as Captain O'Bannon. They are not even referenced re the evacuation.

Why didn't the explosion cause more extensive structural damage to the Mining Crawler?
This is Thunderbird 2, how can I assist?

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