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Old 25th November 2018, 02:25 PM
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Default Space Precinct OST

I just got this in the post.
I had forgotten that all of the melodic piano pieces were so tuneful
Of course, the heart thumping chase music is really good too but there is a lot more than I originally remember as well as shades of New Captain Scarlet hinted in the background
Atmospheric, moody, tuneful...
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Old 25th November 2018, 05:07 PM
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I posted this in the Space Precinct thread in the FAB News section above, but as you've since started a dedicated thread here too, I'll repeat my previous posting:

Got my Space Precinct CD yesterday (I haven't ordered the DVD set as I have the original UK release, which I haven't seen for many years).

I've listened to the first disc and to be honest I rather enjoyed it. The quieter moments are lovely, although the action/chase tracks (of which there are many) tend to consist of a great deal of slam-bang synth percussion which can get a bit tiring to listen to occasionally. But it all rattles along at great pace.

Merrell gave an interview to the now defunct Music from the Movies magazine back in 1995 where he described the process of scoring for the series, getting as much memory into his samplers as possible so that he could get 'quality sounds' out of them. In terms of his brief from Gerry Anderson, he said that all Gerry really specified was that he wanted to get tension and excitement and plenty of rhythm into the music.

The interview finished with the sentence: "...The music for Space Precinct will hopefully be available on CD in the near future...".

Only 23 years later...!

The booklet is a label of love, extremely detailed and - as I probably won't be re-watching the series itself any time soon - it's a big help to know what action and drama the music was illustrating. Quite an excellent piece of work by Network really. I'm unsure as to whether 4 CDs is required but for the relatively low cost it's a value for money purchase.

[EDIT: Have listened to the second CD this afternoon - not quite so enjoyable, a lot more ambient sound design than music in the first quarter. The quieter pieces are, as you say, pleasantly melodic and gentle and probably the best cues for me. The action music seems a bit over the top but it probably worked better in the episodes, none of which I've seen for a long time]
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Old 3rd December 2018, 10:33 AM
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Too Tall Tim Johnson
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Default Just arrived!

Just wishing to say - whether you like or dislike Space Precinct, and/or Merrell's music, I'm wanting to say well done to Ralph Titterton (and team) for the excellent 'Space Precinct' soundtrack release. A true labour or love, and you can never have too many tracks. Well done!!! 12 out of 10!
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