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Old 29th September 2017, 05:33 AM
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Default New Captain Scarlet Season 3 (What if!)

You know i was just remembering when New Captain Scarlet was being shown on tv i was always on a website called Spectrum Headquarters posting on there fourm and one of the forum topics was called "Wish List for Third and Fourth Seasons of NCS" and i posted this

"So I was thinking what other type of cliche Sci Fi story's could they do.

1 Where Spectrum fail and the following day Scarlet wakes up and its the same day again. and hes doomed to repeat it unless he stops the Mysteron's from succeeding in there mission and proving to the other Spectrum members that he isn't crazy and really is living the same day over again.

Or an episode where Scarlet and Black switch bodies and Black in Scarlet's body tries to destroy Skybase and Scarlet in Blacks body has to prove who he really is in order to stop him."

What about you guys what would you have liked to have seen in a continuation of New Captain Scarlet?
You Mysteron piece of scum!
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Old 29th September 2017, 05:49 PM
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Those ideas would have been great.

So many options!

1: I guess seeing how 'Dominion' ended, it could open a few years later with Spectrum having disbanded, then the old team being picked off one by one by the Mysterons before they launch a massive attack. The team would obviously have to come back together. (Captain Magenta would obviously have to be killed in a Mysteron honey trap!)

2: Maybe a mini-arc where Captain Blue may or may not have been killed and reconstructed by the Mysterons and keeps the viewers guessing.

3: Spectrum and the Mysterons joining forces to stop a government faction from weaponising kidnapped Mysterons.

4: An old Spectrum agent who was presumed dead manipulating the Mysterons to get his revenge on Colonel White.

5: One of the main cast turning traitor but we don't know who until later in the series.

6: A Mysteron assault on Skybase led by Captain Black goes wrong, leading to the cast being knocked unconscious so we can see flashbacks into their past (especially Scarlet, White and Black!)

7: Maybe end with the Mysterons releasing their hold on Black before telling Spectrum that they'll stop the war as long as Black is killed in revenge for destroying their city.

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