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Old 16th August 2011, 07:05 PM
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Default my homework?

Hi all,
to prepare for the coming celebration, I decided to try to watch at least x1 of each show I have on dvd- the list so far is as follows-
FOUR FEATHER FALLS- FIRST TRAIN THROUGH-trains, shoot outs and songs, this show is a real gem!
SUPERCAR- RESCUE- the first episode, a little slow, but seeing Supercar, as if for the first time, is great
FIREBALL XL5- SPACE CITY SPECIAL-fantastic!Regular villians get their just deserts [again], and the cast bangs out the theme tune!
STINGRAY-THE MASTER PLAN-after reading about this in FAB, it had to be this one!X2 Zero gets a smack on the head....justified!
THUNDERBIRDS- THE MAN FROM M.I.5- one of my favourites-Carl, hes SOOOO bad!
CAPTAIN SCARLET-CODENAME EUROPA-love the villian/victim, and the great P.O.V shots at the end.
JOE 90- TALKDOWN- the show is the pinacle of Supermarionation, and I love the idea of a brain implant causing the trouble.
SECRET SERVICE- MORE HASTE, LESS SPEED - a manchester accent- and lovely comedic charactors, bless!
U.F.O.-MINDBENDER-"sheep, the lot of ya, blah, blahnm, BLARRHHRRRR! "
SPACE 1999-DRAGONS DOMAIN-I cannot get tired of this, moving story, and its SCARY monster.
SPACE 1999- SEED OF DESTRUCTION-an overlooked episode, that turns many of the ideas and situations from season one on their head.Only hampered by Mr Landaus "passionate" performance as the mirror Commander.
TERRAHAWKS- CRY UFO-STEW DAPPLES, comedy king- nuff said!
SPACE PRECINCT- TIME TO KILL-cyborgs, time travel, and everybody dies.The shot of Tookie , dead in the hospital bed, is still shocking!
NEW CAPTAIN SCARLET- CIRCLES OF DOOM Captain-Black, amazing aerial shots, and a Lancaster bomber,... perfect!
Thats it up to today, hope to squeeze in the great Anderdocumentaries, and " Into infinity", [I recently watched Doppelganger, so I am covered for that].
How about you guys and gals, anyone else been cramming?
See you down there!
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Old 17th August 2011, 10:39 AM
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I love Space City Special - good choice!
My favourite Captain Scarlet site! www.spectrum-headquarters.com
Very happy NOT to have a Facebook account. Yippee!!!!!
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Old 17th August 2011, 12:36 PM
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Space City Special is my favourite XL5 episode, reminds me of the later Stingray episodes.
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Old 17th August 2011, 02:17 PM
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For home work I've been watching episodes for the location tour:-

Secret Service

Joe 90 - Unorthodox Shepherd (include extra photos on the DVD)

UFO - The Square Triangle - great play out at the end in the Churchyard.

I have also been working on some background music to play during the meal - which is music from the shows without the obvious main themes. This has meant I have to go pretty rapidly (tough life really) through the CD releases. Currently enjoying the SHEF March from Captain Scarlet and the much under rated - Porto Guavan from Joe90. Is it better than San Martino from Thunderbirds? Perhaps not but close.

I might post the play list later which will on shuffle at the event and is currently over 3 hours.
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