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Old 7th September 2011, 11:53 AM
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Talking The Ed Straker Herald: September Issue

The September Issue is up and running, the fullest we managed so far.

Among the ingredients:

1. Stories

* Abandoned by Lightcudder (dragon's challenge)
* His Last Desire by Toria (dragon's challenge, deathfic)
* Dragon's Story by dragon (dragon's challenge, deathfic)
* Novices by An Delen Dir (dragon's challenge)
* Moonlight (Breathless I) by Lightcudder
* Triumph by dragon
* Visitation Rights by An Delen Dir (a conversation piece)
* A Conversation Piece II by dragon (a conversation piece)

2. Serials

* What the Blazes...? by An Delen Dir (m/m, adult)
* Shades by Spyder (slash)
* Sign of Aquarius by An Delen Dir
* Hefted (The Shepherd) by Lightcudder
* Shot in the Dark by Loopstagirl (Thunderbirds)
* Crises by Colin M. Taylor (Cpt. Scarlet)

Plus articles, lifestyle items, art, model pictures, photos, a poll (about a UFO movie!) etc..


And we have scheduled updates to the articles and columns for mid-month, as well as new instalments of all serials (weekly and biweekly).

Have fun reading and please pay attention to the warning tags, there are a few possibly triggering topics covered.

If you want to get updates hot off the press so to speak, we are on Facebook and Twitter:

The Facebook page of the Herald and SHADOpedia

The Herald on Twitter

Please have fun reading and browsing,

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Old 7th September 2011, 05:01 PM
Steve Gerard Steve Gerard is offline
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Thumbs up

As usual another awesome issue, compliments to all the contributors. The poll on the UFO movie production results(so far) are interesting, I absolutely agree(my vote) with the need for it for it to be a British production or joint British/U.S. production. I enjoyed the British setting and feel of the original UFO series.

The AVENGERS 1998 had the British feel that I loved of the original series and casting was good, albeit lacked the proper screenplay. Amazing that they just did not take an original episode or two and rewrite it as the 1998 movie.
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Old 7th September 2011, 07:14 PM
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Hi Steve,

thanks for the nice comment

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