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Old 24th December 2011, 09:23 AM
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Smile Merry Christmas from The Ed Straker Herald

Ho, ho, ho and a Merry Christmas to everyone!
The Herald presents you with an issue full of Yuletide gifts, some of which were specifically written for this occasion:


Vodka (Breathless II) by Lightcudder (adult locked)

WeeWeeChu by dragon
Written as a present to all fans by our resident scaly one

Black and White by Kitty Fisher (ADULT! but unlocked)
This story has been gone from the net for quite a while, and now been republished. Please note that it is unlocked, but contains adult erotica, M/M and BDSM

Mistaken Moments by Lightcudder

The Secret Code by Toria
Brandnew UFO writer Toria has written us what amounts to a new episode.

The Gift by Spyder (ADULT! but unlocked)
Spyder has been so gracious and rewrote this story as a gift to UFO fandom specifically for Yuletide. It contains adult erotica, M/M and Christmas ghosts ;-)


CeCe's Biography of Michael Billington by CeCe
A detailed new biography of Mike Billington complete with some rare and new photos! Enjoy!

Why Write Thunderbirds? by Loopstagirl
A new and young writers insights into fanfiction


Shades (Circles - Part 1.4) by Spyder (adult locked)

The Shepherd - Drafted (3, 4 & 5) by Lightcudder

Shot in the Dark 7-12 by Loopstagirl

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons: Crisis 6 by Colin M. Taylor

What the Blazes...? (Chapter 12 & 13) by AnDelenDir (adult locked)

The Sign of Aquarius (Chapter 5.5) by AnDelenDir (adult locked)


we have lots of art (Moonbase, Interceptor), models (Ed Straker's new bike, UFOs), photos (a ravishing high school photo of Ed Bishop and one which shows him with Spyder), a review (of dragon's Red), Starsigns, Dr. Jackson's advice column and several absolutely hilarious photo manips done by Toria.


Please take note that you can subscribe to news of the Herald via Facebook and Twitter. Access links available on the Herald!

Merry Christmas, http://edstraker.net/

Lightcudder. Lightcudder's World
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