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Old 2nd November 2017, 01:13 PM
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Just received the Joe 90 soundtrack in Sydney. Absolutely fantastic! Don't know all of the music in the series so this is a real joy, discovering 'new' Barry Gray material. Have been looking forward to the criminally underrated 'Double Agent' score for a long time.

A huge thank you to everyone who put it and the other soundtracks together, you're all legends
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Old 14th December 2017, 08:51 AM
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Originally Posted by jasonsmith View Post
JOE 90 CD:
4 Discs: 86 tracks:
Disc 1:
Most Special Agent: 4 tracks (includes 21 sting and Joe theme)
Hi-jacked: 2 tracks
Splashdown: 2 tracks
Operation McClaine: 2 tracks
Double Agent: 1 track
See you down there :! track
International Concerto: 4 tracks
Big Fish: 2 tracks
Unorthodox Shepherd:3 tracks
Disc 2:
Relative Danger: Joe theme(stereo) 4 tracks
Business Holiday: 2 tracks
Viva Cordova: 1 track
King for a day: 2 tracks
Hi-jacked stereo single
Joe 90 theme stereo single
Double Agent:2 tracks
Most Special Astronaut :2 tracks
Arctic Adventure 2 tracks
Joe end titles
Fortress 4 tracks including Joe theme etc
Col. McClaine: 2 tracks
Project 90: various tracks with sting break/Joe Lyons Maid commercial/etc
Three's a Crowd: 2 tracks
The Race: 2 tracks
The Professional: 1 track
Lone Handed 90 2 tracks
Attack of the tiger 1 track
Talkdown 2 tracks
Break out 2 tracks
Mission X-41 1 track
See you down there 2 tracks plus theme
Disc 4: Variations on different tracks from nine episodes and various themes

Hope that is comprehensive enough

Steve, besides the episodic suites that weren't released on the Silva Screen album, were there any missing cues from the episodes that *were* released on that?

Also on Disc 4, what are the "variations of different tracks from 9 episodes", please? Wouldn't mind some details on that. And time lengths for each track. Considering a buy, but need more info before committing.
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