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Old 22nd April 2018, 06:10 PM
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Default Episode 3.5 – Growing Pains - Discussion

Kayo, John & Rigby must prevent the Chaos Crew from stealing a dangerous substance inside a global seed vault.

Guest Cast:

Written By:
Patrick Rieger

Directed By:
Theo Baynton
This is Thunderbird 2, how can I assist?

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Old 23rd April 2018, 12:04 PM
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Yorkie will you please wrap all that in Spoiler tags?
Some of us don't want to know too much before the episode is screened.

Though I appreciate what I think you were trying to do. (Provide a warning.)
This is Thunderbird 2, how can I assist?
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Old 29th April 2018, 07:01 PM
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I hate to say it but as someone who has defended TAG and loved a lot of what they've done with it, this was another pretty lacklustre showing, I think.
  • Ned Tedford has long since overstayed his welcome - and that's coming from someone who once liked him.
  • Rigby is completely unneccesary, sounds like a generic American saturday morning cartoon character, and I have a horrible feeling they're going to force some pathetic romance between him and Kayo.
  • EOS catching a virus that acts like a literal virus and makes her sneeze???
  • The pacing was awkward as hell
  • Giant Gladys was... Yeah. A thing.
  • Rigby getting to use Kayo's bike for an actually exciting scene while Kayo herself is stuck saving the idiot from his giant plant.
  • I have no problem with CGI-heavy episodes for space-centric stories, but Series 3 is really disappointing with the lack of physical sets.
  • The Chaos crew are just utterly uninteresting and while I think Havoc at least has potential as an interesting character, their stories so far have been a huge let-down.
  • John and EOS felt completely shoe-horned into the episode; for a split second I thought they might actually do something interesting at the end with EOS being permanently infected with something, but it was just a fakeout.

You know how much I love this show, and how much I genuinely believed it a worthy successor to the original, but if Series 3 continues like this I have absolutely no doubt it will be the last.
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Old 1st May 2018, 06:16 PM
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Chaos Crew AGAIN!!

Ned Tedford/Ted Nedford AGAIN!!

This was an ok story I suppose but I'm tired of the same old same old.
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Old 1st May 2018, 08:47 PM
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OK, so this is the Global Seed Vault in Norway:


Unfortunately rows and rows of racks with boxes on doesn't make for an exciting "vault of doom" scenario - so someone seems to have watched "The Andromeda Strain" and/or "Rogue One" to come up with the "laser protected pit with sterilising gas" ideas we had here (good job there was a hatch in the floor and an escape slide.......).

Was this "Thunderbirds"? - No; was it a reasonable story for the target age group audience - Just about.

That said I think this was a passable episode, with some decent action sequences - and even Ned was not totally annoying - he even tried to stop Havoc escaping with the Growth Serum.

It even had a tie back to "Attack of the Reptiles" when it was noted that the facility in the jungle was linked to The Hood - though it does beg the question as to why he's trying to develop a growth serum (back plot again that seems to make no sense)

Eos showing signs of a cold when affected by the computer virus - perhaps ridiculous, but given that "she's" an advanced AI then it's possible that part of the programming involves manifesting underlying system issues in a "human" form [OK - I'm grasping at straws there - but I'm more prepared to go with that than the idea that it can all be solved by remotely downloding the source code for it from Havoc's gloves, and that the Chaos Cruiser has missiles that can't hit a motorbike from point blank range].

Giant Gladys - best not talked about.

Space Elevator physics - all over the place as usual (to say nothing about TB-5 needing to be in a geostationary orbit position near the north pole........)

Not a great episode but perhaps not the train wreck I was expecting when "Chaos Crew + Ned Tedford + Giant Gladys" was mentioned in some of the promo material.

Perhaps more of an issue - this could have been a story in just about any programme aimed at this age group, where has the Thunderbirds narrative gone (and the idea in the overall series promo that this series was going to build a thread thoughout that would lead to a "thrilling conclusion").


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Old 2nd May 2018, 12:31 AM
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I think you've hit the nail on the head for me there.

When TAG is at it's best, while it may be different, it feels like Thunderbirds.

This episode certainly didn't :/
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Old 4th May 2018, 07:15 PM
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Jason Smith
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this is a episode of this rebooted series like no other.john being the only member of the tracy family in this episode & kayo are the only regulars with TBs 5 & S the only thunderbirds in action.this could be the start of something new and original for this series.if a 4th season maybe on the horizon future episodes could concentrate on a tracy brother and his thunderbird.among the possibilites could be just about scott on TB1 or in another adventure virgil and gordon aboard thunderbirds 2 & 4.will there be any episodes later in this series which only feature just 1 of the tracys or a thunderbird? this will focus more about the characters & what else they do apart from being in action.
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Old 4th May 2018, 08:16 PM
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Well it happened. The first Chaos-Crew Rationale Action's Plot episode.
I must admit I didn't expect it to happen quite this soon. The awful thing is, I found the basic action itself enjoyable! This is the first episode to make any decent use of Ned Tedford since he debuted in Slingshot. Firstly he IS in his element. The idea of him working with seeds and plants in a quiet, relatively safe environment makes perfect sense. He doesn't question let alone argue with the others during the crisis, he does as he is told and he even improvises a brave moment of defiance against Havoc. For once the character has been written as a PART of the story, instead shoved in and written against it.

John and Eos's direct inclusion does feel like an odd fit at first, but then it is a story where security programming has gone haywire, and Eos is the character that we know can interface with other Software like R2D2 in Star Wars. Another new piece of kit, the “Eos drive” so the character can go mobile like M.a.x. does. Interestingly I did not mind the Virus sub plot in itself. Rather than sneezes, Teresa Gallagher does squeaking noises, as though Eos can't control her voice interface processors. Its shameless padding to add jeopardy to the story, but it almost works. Sad fact is, kids in the audience will have understood and scrutinized that aspect backwards, we are living in an age where kids know computers and their quirks.

As to John, it is odd seeing him him involved in a more directly Earth based story, but he is Eos's guardian. The fact there is no communication with the other characters such as Scott or Lady P is what makes this seem more out of place than it should. Perhaps The Man From TB5 was meant to have more of a legacy than we were led to believe. John is a solid reliable character like Scott and Virgil, and Mr Brodie-Sangster makes him multifaceted and interesting. It is good to see the character away from Thunderbird 5.2 like this.

Rigby on the other hand is simply grating to the point of Annoying. The way the character is written and behaves feels like someone said “put an action hero type in this, we need something like Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D.” It has gone badly wrong somewhere. He seems to be all white knuckle bravado and attitude. As with Chaos Part II, Kayo has to stop him from walking straight into a corridor trap, demonstrating he does not learn from his mistakes. Even when he does well, it has a cheesy “Power Rangers , Its Morphin time!” feel to it. - This should have been a Kayo is after Havoc and John saves Tedford story. Rigby just doesn't bring anything new to the table, cluttering up an already dense list of characters with a painfully constrained episode timeframe.

Havoc is interesting to watch in this episode. Very interesting. - Her arrival at the Vault and her taunting expressions notch up the suspense, and you really wonder what dreadful things she will do to Tedford and anyone else who get in her way once she does gets into the central chamber. The meddling with the security feels like a warm up act.... From the moment she does get in though, that tension is popped like a limp balloon. Ned's brief moment of inspiration marks her “give up and go” turnaround and escape. The fact she leaves the security set to kill everyone with the gas feels like an afterthought rather than a calculated piece of evil.
Fuse's status as “the muscles without the Mensa skill” is confirmed too. He moans about being cold and his sister – who is mid mission at the time- has to explain why he can't just switch on the heating in their aircraft due to mission stealth requirements. I couldn't pin it down at first, but I realised he is acting like a bored kid left to guard the car while his family have gone to get the weekly shopping!
Between Havoc's fail this week, and Fuse's own empty handed routine with the tanker in Path Of Destruction, they are certainly matching their master in failing to make up for the loss of The Mechanic's dramatic if motiveless successes last season. Kayo says “We were lucky this time,” but The Chaos-Crew have done nothing so far to make me think so. They are simply easier characters for the writers to use, not harder enemies for IR to defeat!

The storyline itself is a few action sequences hanging like washing from a laundry line of question marks. As the wow of the visuals (all CGI again I should note) wains, those questions become more apparent. -
Why did The Hood want the Growth Compound? How come no one used breathing apparatus? Why store it at the Seed Vault in the first place? Where were the security something this sensitive requires? = A Paper Mache plot. - The more you think about it, the more it falls apart. Even the best part, with Kayo and John navigating the Giant Gladys which proved to be well used in its understatement is spoilt. The gas killing the plant should be a dramatic and sad moment, which for a brief few seconds it is. But even this little plot twist suffers the dreaded reset button at the end with everything else.

An exciting action filled runaround, Growing Pains is fun, but there is no reasoning, no motive, and really, no genuine style of rescue. - This is an action espionage story, not one from an episode of Thunderbirds by either TOS or TAG standards.

On the up side, it could mark a happy ending and decent resolution for the Tedford character if it is his final appearance. No promise of that though.

Plus Points:
Good Visuals of the Seed Vault.
Ned Tedford fits into the story well!
The Seed Vault is an interesting concept.
The series finally has a casualty – Gladys. Sort of.

Iffy Elements:
The inclusion of John and EOS feels a bit “biscuit cutter” in the writing.
The lack of communication with the other Brothers, Lady P & Parker or Brains is intrusive.
Havoc & Fuse have a plane, a car and a quad bike. - Yet Havoc had to steal another bike to get away?

Iffy to Excruciating Elements:
Rigby still feels (and acts) like a Military / action hero cliché character of the worst kind.
Fuse is too stupid to realise the Chaos Cruiser will give off a heat signature.
For the new bad baddies, Havoc and Fuse leave empty handed yet again.

C-C.R.A.P. Reasoning....:
Havoc is assigned to steal the growth serum from the off. We don't know why. But this is the narrative foundation stone of the episode. Unfortunately.

Possible References:
The Seed Vault echoes the first Mission Impossible and Star Wars Rogue One.
John and Kay climbing up the Giant Plant implies Land Of The Giants.

TOS References & Other Anderson:
Thunderbird Shadow's green download “Scanner” - The Mysterons energy in CGI Scarlet.

Undeniably Blatant References:
The Seed Vault (Minus the High Tech) Is real!
“Escape the deadly killer vault” – The Andromeda Strain (1971,) Red Alert (1977)
“Sliding down the vents” - Galaxy Quest (1999)

Continuity Good...
Kayo directly references the events of “Attack Of The Reptiles”
Tedford mentions Colonel Casey.
Orchard Industries are mentioned.
EOS's ability to access IT systems harkens back to Earthbreaker.

... And Bad,
EOS already HAS a sense of humour! - I like soft cheese on my bagels too.
Tedford's antics bring back memories of Up From The Depths II.

Kayo tells Rigby the Scan downloader control is “Top button on the right” - But we see a pair of buttons side by side.

Why were there no additional GDF Security Personnel Guarding the vault?
Why use a lethal gas in the security system? A sedative knock out gas would make much more sense.
If there is a second sample of the Growth Serum, why did Havoc not go after that?
When did Rigby learn to drive Thunderbird S, even if only in bike mode?!
This is Thunderbird 2, how can I assist?

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