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Old 19th September 2018, 08:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Simon Morris View Post
No, I didn't.

I want to know why non-Anderson information gets posted in 'News' when there has been several occasions when information actually related to Anderson doesn't seem to get posted. That has nothing to do with how busy people are or whether they are volunteers or not. That also doesn't imply that I have any less respect for their efforts.

I don't know who you are and I don't care either but - with respect - perhaps you could just keep quiet, ok?
As you must have seen from old threads Hiram likes to appear as an unofficial moderator when he actually isn't. The list of posts related to things that have zilch to do with him is endless

At least Nick was able to confirm what I said earlier about posted news being related to available information

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Old 19th September 2018, 09:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Nick Williams View Post
Guys, how about cooling it down a bit, eh? We have enough trouble with people deliberately coming on her to stir up unrest. Surely we don't need the good guys doing the same too, do we?

In answer to the original query, the Harryhausen thing was posted because:
  • we were sent the information
  • there's an Anderson connection in Ian Scoones
  • Gerry and Harryhausen were mutual admirers of each others' work
  • I personally know of a lot of club members who are also fans of Harryhausen's work

As for why the Space Centre event hasn't been featured in the news is much simpler to explain. They haven't bothered to actually tell us anything about it and, contrary to popular belief we don't have time to trawl the internet and/or social media for news.
  • If we're sent information, we'll publicise it
  • If we come across it ourselves, we'll publicise it
  • If a member tells us about something that we've evidently not seen, we'll publicise it (and by tell us I mean e-mail us, not just post on social media about it).

I hope that clarifies the situation.


Evening Nick

Many thanks for the reply; that is really all I wanted to know. I thought it was a perfectly reasonable question to ask and as far as I was aware I expressed it politely when I originally posed it.

Thanks again.
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Old 24th September 2018, 12:11 AM
andersonitis andersonitis is offline
Jason Smith
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Default Hi

Spoke to Mark Dando & he said you were emailed
But I know whatever people say,
Emails do not always get received.
Its no big deal,
I've sent loads that people told me they didn't get,
It would have been brilliant if fanderson were there,
I was displaying some bits & it was really pleasing that semi Anderson fans made up the bulk of the audience, I can read peoples faces & you can see the enthusiasm & delight in their faces at seeing the props & puppets
You can tell that they are going to become new fans or reignited fans
For example a guy with a Supercar dvd & UFO box set in his hand,
Not your normal fan, but a potential fanderson member,
You can pick up lots of new members this way,
Piped Anderson music from the shows was playing constantly through out & that made me think
that our friend Ralph Titterton wasn't there & sadly Matt Zimmerman made a no show,
Get well soon Matt .
But Shane was signing more pics for new fans, I saw steam coming off those signing fingers,
Mark Dando put on a really excellent event & visited our tables regularly throughout the day & we had no time to talk I was constantly talking to fans,
He is a brilliant promoter & I think I am lucky I have made a new friend there.
There was a brilliant vibe this weekend.
& 1 guy told me something really amazing,
But I don't want to announce it until I get it proven, but its AMAZING if its true
Watch this space.
Even met some representatives from the Puppet Guild,
The Space centre is a really brilliant venue,
Wanted to see Stephens new film, (which are always utterly brilliant)
But had to man my table,
I think best model I saw was
Scarlet model underwater tied down with rocks surrounded by sharks,
I could post pics but I have no luck with posting pics on this forum sadly, but that model was brilliant,
Best I have seen for years,
A huge TB1
An original eagleangelsky1
Yes you read that right
Oh we were spoiled children
Weren't we.
Loads of Space 1999 costumes plus 1999 astronaut suits & comlocks akimbo
Chris King brought his fantastic puppets along

Give you a clue
Every Captain puppet was on display
Yes Black was there,
All the main cast Secret Service & Joe 90 plus...
Joe 90 sitting in a cage took pride of place (thanks Gavin Hocknall)
That is 1 bastard to assemble I can tell ya
TB65 was represented by 2 parkers 1 from Halifax advert, Penny, Ned Cook, Brains plus Lord Charles & did I see a Firestorm puppet & whats the story morning glory about that Marina ?????????
A Troy
A display of many many busts from New Captain Scarlet
Loads of Eagles, Hawks & stuff from the wonderful Chris Potter LOOOOADS
Bens models world & his brilliant models
Paul Gray made an appearance
Mamas & lovely Linda with their fantastic UFO & Stingray models
Not forgetting the Master David Sissons (what a nit picker)
What a brilliant Space Hawk
Say no more
Brian Johnson was there
Big Chief models they have a Penny & Parker in the pipeline,
A guy with a really great Space Precinct collection
Santa Claus (David Limberg) who is a scream selling memorabilia
Lee Sullivan with his amazing artwork
Graham Bleathman with his amazing artwork
I forgot to buy a copy of his unwins church
Gerry Anderson store was there but sadly no Jamie,
Young Chris with his amazing futuristic Anderson related artwork,
Cosplay was represented by quite a few captains, Troy, Marina, plenty of Tracy boys, Officer Haldane, Steve Zodiac & Venus
If I missed anyone Its not intentional, just my bad memory or I just didn't get to see you
All in all a fantastic exhibition not a convention dedicated to Gerry & Sylvia & I know they would be pleased that such a brilliant venue hosted it.

There is another 1 next year in may with the lovely Chris King as organiser

Please put that one in your diary

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