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Old 14th September 2010, 07:21 AM
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Default UFO Movie Script with Music

I was thinking a while ago about the music for the new UFO movie and I think someone mentioned Pendulum but I was not really into that at the time.

However when listening to their album Immersion it gave me a idea which I have matched to the first 3 tracks of the album.

You might appreciate this post if you know these tracks or listen to them whilst reading this post.

Scene 1
Planet Earth from a distance an eerie spinning noise as we go in closer getting louder as we approach the Northern hemisphere. We zoom into Scotland and Loch Lomand settling on the Duck Bay restaurant on the west bank as the sun is about to set and the shadows are getting longer.

Inside the Duck Bay restaurant we see the source of the noise – a squeaking wheel of a dirty dishes trolley. We see only the trolley and the wheel close up and then the trolley stops. Seeing only the hands - plates are unloaded in piles from the trolley to a table. Slight pause. The trolley moves off and we see a man at a table looking at the east bank of the Loch through binoculars. He puts down the binoculars and says “This is Straker GO”.

Queue the track – ‘Genesis’. 3 Shado mobiles appear from the trees on the East Bank of the lock following what looks like a rehearsed military move they set themselves out in a diagonal pattern one just perched out the trees – one on the bank and on in the shallow water at the edge of the lock. This is all done in time to the music.

Scene 2 played out to the second track Salt In The Wounds - Two UFO appear from the water then another a bit further up the Loch. A series of fire fights happen with the mobiles and UFOs each taking hits. Skydiver is launched underwater from the Inchmurrin Island in the middle of the loch. (A SHADO training base disguised as naturist retreat.) SKY1 is launched flown by Foster but despite some initial success is shot down by a UFO. The scene ends when a UFO and Sky 1 crash in a similar part of the wooded hillside. It is quite clear from this track where the fire fights are. It’s a special effects spectacular with the lake and the Scottish woodland playing a staring role as well.

Scene 3 - To track 3 on the album – Watercolor (A great track for a chase sequence) We follow a bead of sweat down the forehead of Foster who is out of it in the cockpit of the crashed SKY1. We pull back to the outside of the cockpit and flickering flames. Foster wakes and realises he is trapped and struggles in vain to get out the cockpit, banging on the glass. We pull back to above the forest and see that the UFO and SKY1 have crashed parallel to each other but a short distance apart. Two red figures are moving in the forest towards SKY1. Foster uses a hand gun to blast out the cockpit and runs to put some distance between himself and the fireball that is SKY1. He stops to catch his breath but is shot at by an Alien. He sets off again hiding in the ruins of an old cottage but the two aliens are closing in. He runs out of the forest onto a road with no cover. The aliens take aim ready for the kill…

Out of a dip in the road, a brown car appears and with a single blast shoots the two chasing aliens – their bodies tossed into the air. A gull wing opens and a lady with a purple blouse slightly unbuttoned appears.

Foster – “I did’nt not know this car was armed.”

Lake – “This is SHADO Paul no one knows everything apart from Straker.”

Beat that for the beginning of a movie – UFO 2012!


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