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Originally Posted by DukeDexter View Post
That's very true Received (fan) wisdom tells us that Freiberger destroyed Star Trek - but that's not quite what happened. There's a series of books on Trek, 'These Are The Voyages', and they're very interesting and illuminating regarding what went on during production. The network seemed to want to bury Star Trek as they had a poor relationship with Roddenberry. But Freiberger comes out of it with some credit - he may not have been much of a writer but he kept the 3rd season on schedule and on budget, which hadn't been the case before his tenure and was a stipulation of his employers. Good producer, perhaps less so regarding his writing.
I have those books too but not reached the third season yet.
IIRC Roddenberry quit when they moved it to the Friday 10pm slot and FF took over but he really should have toned down some of the more ludicrous stories.
Spocks Brain is a joke and many of the other episodes while not being as bad contain many moments that just don't work for the characters.

Apart from Miri which got complaints I did wonder if the BBC banned the other 3 and blocked broadcasts for over 20 years simply because they were embarassing.
Platos Stepchildren and Whom Gods Destroy really are dreadful although The Empath is raised by its music and the performance of the actress who played Gem.
The Empath was actually billed in the Radio Times to appear so the decision not to air it must have been quite late as by that time it was a weekday around 7.25 fixture rather than the saturday Dr Who replacement it started as.
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