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Old 11th June 2016, 09:18 AM
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Default Thunderbirds episode order and dvd

Hi all,

New to the forum here. A couple of questions, I own what I think is the fortieth anniversary dvd set of Thunderbirds. On the set the episodes are in what seems to be the correct numbered order, but not either the broadcast or production order. Why is this? Which is the actual order of episodes chronologically? I know there isn't a great deal of continuity in Thunderbirds but I've starting to re-watch them and would like to know which order to watch them in.

See wikipedia for what I mean: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_o...birds_episodes

On another note, the new 50th anniversary dvd set cover art looks gorgeous, and I was wondering if there is any difference in the acutal discs to my set, as I was thinking of re-buying. Mine has eight episode discs and then 'The Companion', too. Is the new one the same but has an extra disc with a Thunderbirds are Go documentary? Is the cover art the only real difference?

Thanks for getting back to me!
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Old 11th June 2016, 09:35 PM
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I've never actually compared the running orders but the dvd's would usually follow the original transmission order of a single region.
I would assume either ATV London or ATV Midlands - probably whichever one aired them first.
Also possible that even if the show was running across the country around the same time that running orders would differ between regions.

There is often an ITC order , a production order and a transmission order although with most ITC series apart from the first episode none of the orders really ranks as being the "correct" one.

As seen on dvd releases of other shows , the running order of the UK set can be different from the release in another country.
ITC running orders are a real minefield.
With The Prisoner for example, production was running close to transmission and on occasion the intended broadcast episode would be changed simply because the original one was still in post production while one intended for later in the run was already available.

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Old 21st June 2016, 07:25 PM
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Oh dear, this old chestnut!

As noted, there is Classic Thunderbirds Production order which the BBC followed in 1992 for their transmission of the series, and ITV's classic arse-over-elbow transmission listing which has been the default order for the DVD's and Bluerays of the programme. Neither are 100% correct, but the ITV transmission order is comparably way off in places.
The most blatant error in both running orders is that "Move and Your Dead" comes fairly late on in season 1, when it clearly tells a story that introduces Grandma Tracy to Tracy Island as a resident. - None of her earlier appearances suggest she was "just visiting" for a few days either.

We also know that Trapped In The Sky, End Of The Road, Edge Of Impact and The Imposters should be screened in that order, because in Edge Of Impact, Jeff makes reference to "not unless its more of Tintin's admirers" - a hint at Eddie Houseman from the earlier story, and in The Imposters, Jeff comments "people have been here before, that's no problem." - As the family Doctor, Eddie Houseman and Colonel Tim Casey are the only non IR characters to have visited the Island with no knowledge its the IR Base, those stories must have occurred before The Imposters.
This is Thunderbird 2, how can I assist?
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Old 21st June 2016, 08:48 PM
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I doubt we could expect any of the ITV schedulers or even ITC themselves to know that kind of detail well enough to make informed decisions on a running order.
If they can't do it with something like The Prisoner I can't imagine something like Thunderbirds would even get such considerations
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