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Old 6th February 2012, 01:51 PM
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Default NCS boo-boos & blunders/trivia

I'm rediscovering the NCS after leaving the box set on my DVD shelf for far too long. Great show it is and a pity no more have been made. Unfortunately, while we have to suffer several seasons worth of junk 'reality' shows, TV execs pass up the chance to make some more creative and imaginative telly like this. Shame on them!.

Good though NCS is, this time around I've noted a few blunders that have crept into the CGI. So with too much time on my hands, excuse the nitpicking, but has anyone noticed these mistakes?:

Circles of Doom:

When Harmony looks out of her cockpit as she drifts toward Destiny, she appears to be wearing Destiny's helmet. And just before she ejects, the name vanishes entirely only to reappear when she's in the parachute.

When Destiny lifts off, her red smoke trail vanishes and re-appears between shots.

Trap for a Rhino:

Surely someone in the security office watching the CCTV would notice that the mysterons choked the male trainee pilot to death beside the coffee machine in the middle of a training facility?.


Destiny's aircraft detects 'Missile launch' before the Vampire jets fires it.

Instrument of Destruction 1:

Lieutenant Greens' holographic console reads 'Comms error' looking one way, but in reverse shot, it also reads from left to right whereas it should have been reversed.

And did anyone think that Conrad was buried a bit shallow?. I though six feet was the standard depth.


In Enigma, the launch robot 'fred' appears to forcefully punch the deck whereas in other episodes, he just puts his finger onto the floor. A more urgent launch?.

Has anyone else noticed NCS mistakes, trivia and homages that Conrad might have missed?.
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Old 29th September 2017, 04:58 AM
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From Instrument of Destruction part 1

When Captain Scarlet is in the engineering room he knocks out the engineer but in later shots the engineer isn't anywhere in the room. The same thing happens again in later in the episode when Captain Scarlet knocks out a security guard after escaping from his cell but a few seconds later, when Captain Blue runs past the same area, the unconscious security guard is nowhere to be seen.
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