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Old 21st October 2017, 07:54 PM
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Originally Posted by johnnybear View Post
I agree totally! The idea of serialising the shows might be interesting but it would never work for those of us that remember when different channels showed the shows in a different order from each other! One of the great things but the seventies ITV channels!
I was able to see 2 regions for UFO but by the time I got back to 2 regions it was 1978 and both regions I got didn't seem keen on 1999.
ATV's last airing was an unscheduled repeat of The Immunity Syndrome on Xmas Day 1978 to replace 3-2-1 which was cancelled as YTV were on strike.
And while Anglia did give us a real treat by showing a dozen episodes of Year 2 during the school summer holiday mornings of 1978 they ended the repeats mid 1979 and the show never returned. Both seasons got repeats in other regions during the early to mid 80's but neither Anglia or Central showed them.
I picked up recordings from LWT and Granada and apart from the early morning saturday repeats on LWT the rest were cut to pieces. LWT moving it from 9.25 to 11.35 necessitated year one getting 5 minute cuts for each episode.
Regional variations did mean it was possible to get a run of uncut episodes if you knew enough people around the country.
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Old 25th December 2017, 07:40 PM
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Same here my friend! I could get Anglia and ATV, neither of which seemed keen on repeating Space 1999 in 1982/83! Odd that ATV was the channel behind it as well! I was very lucky because we could pick up LWT as well, not brilliant and it had overlapping but I taped a few of my favourites and kept them for ten years or more before buying the official videos and then the Carlton DVDs before getting the Network beauties in 2010!
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