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Old 7th December 2017, 08:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Virgil_Tracy View Post
I remember when I was 9 & Captain Scarlet was being shown on BBC 2 they had to pull Winged Assasin due to it being aired on 9/11. It was shown at a much later date in the run. So there maybe hope they'll do this with Inferno at somepoint.
9/11 was a Tuesday - no Scarlet listed for that day. After 2001 they would obviously know the date so would not pre-schedule it to appear.

I think you may have confused the date and / or reason. I recall Scarlet having the episode changed or postponed because of something in the news but it wasn't 9/11.
Whenever a shooting incident occurs panic hits the broadcasters who cancel anything to do with guns or violence.
Not sure if it was Hungerford or a later shooting where a series entitled "The Marksman" got postponed and had its title changed before broadcast and it was never restored to the original one.

I wonder how many years it will be until The Towering Inferno appears again on anything except Sky Movies

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