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Old 17th November 2017, 08:52 PM
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Originally Posted by colin glover View Post
Indeed, more info would be useful. Chris Perry who co wrote the book is unaware of the deleted scenes. I'm going to email links to this thread. To get to the bottom of my TB6 mystery, I need links to Granada TV listings for. 73-76 if anyone knows of the existence of these issues it would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure it WASN'T City Of Fire or Terror in NYC. When you looked at the TV listings, did you come across any episodes shown? Not Movies? That would help disprove my theory. I recall both Scott and Virgil in Firefly. I want to put this to sleep one way or another. It makes sense for IR to put out the fire at the missile base. I recall it being interspersed between scenes of the plane flight. I'm probably wrong, it's just that I seems so real to me.
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Old 17th November 2017, 08:53 PM
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The only Granada listings I could find are for
1974 930am - 1015 Xmas Eve (title unknown).

The issues I have access to don't cover Granada even in the variations box for the other years.
But based on the other regions it looks unlikely that either of the movies had a Xmas day broadcast anywhere. Boxing Day possible in some years or even on xmas sunday which is what they used to called it when December 26th was a sunday. Boxing Day became Monday for those years
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Old 18th November 2017, 11:58 PM
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I see Inspector. I take it that the Granada slot was for TBirds? That will probably be it, and I was wrong. Mystery most probably solved. Although how would I 'know' upon watching TB6 fully for the first time (on VHS) that there was a scene missing? Funny how the mind plays tricks.
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Old 19th November 2017, 10:41 PM
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Over that Xmas period Granada played 2 episodes of Thunderbirds but I don't know the titles.
It would be quite easy to recall the excitement of being able to watch Thunderbirds on Xmas Eve while the rest of the country had rubbish on and mix it up with seeing the movie close to Xmas another year, maybe that 1976 broadcast. I'm sure I've seen a listing of Thunderbird 6 close to Xmas on Thames or LWT but I can't track it down.
There is a dvd rom listed on ebay that has scans of all the TV Times Xmas issues but you are at the mercy of the regions as they differ between years but it's a good basic guide and certainly a great source of nostalgia
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