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Old 24th January 2010, 12:53 PM
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Default Take drop.io

Rapidshare is not to share rapidly it is to let you pay quickly. I'd rather prefer newsgroups (alt.binaries....) or (up to 100 MB) the free and waitless http://drop.io website where you make "drops" up to 100 MB. Or multiple drops if you need more. The uploader only pays if he wants a drop bigger than 100 MB. The downloader never pays.
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Old 24th January 2010, 04:31 PM
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If you use dropbox.com you got 2GB of space and a filesize limit of 300MB each. If you use the dropbox software, then there is no filesize limit.
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Old 24th January 2010, 07:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Kinggodzillak View Post
Is it just me or has rapidshare become absolutely useless for non-members lately? I'd love to hear some of these but they keep fobbing me off with error messages about how busy they are...
The best time seems to be the morning or midnight, there is no hope during the peak hours.

Great update
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Old 31st January 2010, 06:41 PM
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Just thought I'd share a video/sound test with you all using scenes from a childhood favourite of mine. Youtube massacred the quality of the sound though......

Some of the explosions cutting out is deliberate. For that test I was emulating a limitation of old sound editing where you could only have so many sounds playing due to limited track/sound editing capabilites during that era. It was also a result of stopping and starting the tapes again when doing the sound editing on old equipment. Also as a result in old films and productions they often had the same explosion sound play two or three times in a row. Obviously these limitations dont exist today but in someways it can remove a classic trait of using the library. I'd defintly recommend it if anyone does a period production using them to give it that extra bit of authenticity.

You could consider it an insight as to what Thunderbirds could have sounded like if they did a proper digital sound transfer of the sounds from the original tapes instead of badly dubbing out of place sounds over the original mono track............ Thanks again.

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Old 11th April 2010, 01:08 PM
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Default Cinesound Update 2

Hey folks.
Just thought I'd post an update to the library containing additions that I've collected over the past couple of months.



1) Other large explosions\Huge Explosion\Huge explosion destroying a ship (sink the bismark) remastered normalised.wav
2) A variant of explosion39 little.wav
3) Three more variants under the weak explosion category.
4) Three new variants for Explosion54 in Loud Crack Explosions/Crack Type 1 category.
5) Added Nuclear Bomb Shockwave (Nostromo explosion shockwave).wav
6) Identified a new set of explosion variants and have added three of which to the library. (Crack Type 3)
7) Added Other large explosions\Huge Explosion\Large house explosion.wav
8) Added new variant of the Explosion 7 type. (Explosion 7 Alt 15.wav)


1) Ambience\Environments\Nostromo emptiness drone.wav


1) Steam Trains\Steam Train braking very hard.wav
2) Steam Trains\Steam Train braking very hard (contains wheel reverse).wav
3) Steam Trains\Train Whistles\train whistle 2.wav
4) Steam Trains\Train onboard roar.wav

1) Plane bellyflop full.wav
2) Props\Aircraft inside throttle constantly being adjusted (probably recorded from twin engine Beechcraft Baron).wav
3) Props\Aircraft inside steady throttle (probably recorded from twin engine Beechcraft Baron).wav
4)Props\Fly bys\Flyby (used in Goldeneye and Battle of Britain on Stukas).wav (Essentially a replacement for stuka quick by.wav)
5) Props\WW2 stuff\Stuka Dive final.wav
6) Props\cessna interior master.wav
7) Props\WW2\Biplane (could be used for prop plane with damaged engine about to crash).wav

1) Naval gun rotate.wav


1) Launch torpedo from boat.wav
2) Sudden missile incoming sweetner.wav
3) Machine Guns\Machine gun 9.wav
4) Machine Guns\Machine gun 9 long.wav
5) Machine Guns\Machine gun 8.wav
6) Pistols\Walther P38 inside reverb.wav
7) Pistols\Walther P38 2 inside reverb.wav
8) Pistols\Classic Pistol\Classic Pistol 12.wav
9) Machine Guns\Machine gun 10.wav
10) Guns\WW2 Mortar cannon.wav
11) Guns\Pistols\Revolver 1.wav
12) Identified a new set of pistol variants and have added three of which to the library. (Classic Pistol 3)
13) Added new rifle, Guns\rifles\Rifle 2.wav
14) Added two types of rocket jet firing sound in guns directory.


1) Suspension Grind.wav
2) Plane belly flop.wav
3) Object grind to halt on dirt.wav
4) meteor whizz by.wav

Alarms and Beeps

1) Beeps\Multiple beeps then one more final set (text).wav
2) Klaxons\Klaxon Type 1 Definitive master.wav (sounds rough but with some post work and echoes could easily make it usable in a game/film)
3) Beeps\Alien bomb set warning beeps.wav
4) Beeps\Alien alarm final (After 5 minute deadline passes in Nostromo.wav

Other changes

1) Tail off added to Weak Explosion Alt 1.wav
2) Tail off added to \Loud Crack type 2\7.wav
3) Remastered Explosion 7 Alt 1,2,3,4,5 to remove background hiss/whine.
4) Explosion 7 Alt 4.wav -> Fixed volume at beginning.
5) Remastered small explosions\pen grenade.wav


1) Remastered ďSafe open sound used in goldfinger remastered.wavĒ using cleaner section of intial opening sound found in AVP (2010 PC game[/I] (I'd recommend that you listen to the old one first before you replace it with this one as there's a sligtht join fade that's noticeable on certain speakers)
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Old 11th April 2010, 09:28 PM
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Faaantastic, James!! Thanks alot.
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Old 5th June 2010, 11:36 PM
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James, you are simply great! Thanks for taking the time to take those sound effects out and share them with us! These more than certainly should come in handy to me in the near future. As i'm the SFX editor for IZFAS (Invader Zim Fan Animated Series)
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Old 6th June 2010, 04:07 PM
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Default Cinesound update number 3 (Jonesy edition)

Good afternoon folks
The 3rd update for this library has now been released. Thanks again for all your support.


Alarms and Beeps

Alarms\Analogue\Buzzer 3.wav
Beeps\6 beeps.wav
Beeps\loud beep.wav
Beeps\Morse code 2.wav
Beeps\Quick double beep 2.wav
Beeps\Quick double beep.wav
Beeps\Single beep.wav
Beeps\strange Beep.wav
18 different input beeps from the mother computer in Alien. (I believe one of these can be heard in the background in License to kill where Bond is in a boat with a load of computers in the background)
Replaced Alarms\Electronic\Beeping Alarm single remastered (loop me).wav with a higher quality version sourced from a scene where it was more or less "in the clear".

Environments\Computer Room Ambience 3.wav
Environments\remote area ambience.wav
Environments\spooky computer loop (Used in Alien and Star Wars).wav
Wind\Sudden large gust of wind.wav

Cats\Jonesy ;3\Loud sudden closeup hiss.wav
Cats\Jonesy ;3\Scream1.wav
Cats\Jonesy ;3\Scream2.wav

Computers\computer boot 2.wav
Computers\computer boot.wav
Computers\Computer spoolup.wav
Computers\Onboard analog computer ambience.wav
Computers\Relay computer clicks 2.wav
Computers\Relay computer clicks 3.wav
Computers\Relay computer clicks 4.wav
Computers\Relay computer ticking 2.wav
Computers\Relay computer ticking.wav
Computers\Very soft relay computer clicks remastered (use in backgrounds only).wav

Electricity\Electrical explosion.wav
Electricity\Electricity spark.wav

Loud crack explosions\explosion 157 (ideally needs another explosion to go off or scene change at around the 1.5 second mark.wav
Loud Crack type 2\whistle5.wav
Other large explosions\Large explosion.wav
Other large explosions\Large explosion 2.wav
Small Explosions\small explosion 2 final.wav
Small Explosions\small explosion 4 Alt.wav
Small Explosions\small explosion 4.wav
Small Explosions\small explosion 5.wav
World War 2 explosions\WW2 style explosion.wav

Cleaned up "Soft Explosions\Explosion 117.wav" (clean beginning of same explosion found and stitched on to eliminate metal clanging sound on old version.

Fire\Alien post production explosions single element (Sounds like a blowtorch).wav
Fire\Soft fire.wav

Foley\bang 2.wav
Foley\Body hit cliff side hide.wav
Foley\Heavy garbage crash.wav
Foley\Heavy steam hissing.wav
Foley\Huge object crash through stone wall.wav
Foley\Huge object crash through stone wall 2.wav
Foley\put old fashioned phone down hard.wav
Foley\Steady stong steam hissing.wav
Foley\steam blast.wav
Foley\Telephone ringing.wav

Glass\double glass break.wav

Missile fire (Used in thunderbirds and in the Living Daylights 2 (James Bond).wav
Missile fire (Used in thunderbirds and in the Living Daylights (James Bond).wav
Machine Guns\Machinegun 12 Alt.wav
Machine Guns\Machinegun 12.wav
Machine Guns\Machinegun 13 short.wav
Machine Guns\Machinegun 13.wav
Machine Guns\Machinegun 14 cleaned.wav
Machine Guns\Machinegun 15.wav
Pistols\cock pistil.wav
Pistols\Silenced Pistol 3.wav
Pistols\Classic Pistol\Classic Pistol 13.wav

Found new variant of pistol sound that was used in "Enemy Mine" and in "Top Secret!". "Classic Pistol 7" contains 7 variants.


quick bar fall.wav

Crane Move.wav
Crane Move 2.wav
Crane Move 3.wav
Door open with hiss 2.wav
Door slider motor.wav

Aircraft\Figther jets flyby center.wav
Aircraft\Figther jets flyby front.wav
Aircraft\Figther jets flyby rear.wav
Aircraft\C130\C130 distant quickshot.wav
Aircraft\C130\C130 go off into the distance.wav
Helicopters\Helicopter Gear Whine.wav
Helicopters\Helicopter go off into distance 2.wav
Helicopters\Helicopter go off into distance.wav
Helicopters\Helicopter hover distant 2.wav
Helicopters\Helicopter hover distant.wav
Helicopters\Helicopter hover heavy prop wash directly overhead 2.wav
Helicopters\Helicopter hover heavy prop wash directly overhead.wav
Props\Cessna float plane flyby.wav
Car crashes\car crash 2.wav
Car crashes\Car crash into snowdrift.wav
Car crashes\car skid crash and burst into flames.wav
Car crashes\car slide and fall apart down cliff.wav
Car crashes\Mini Crash on ramp .wav
Car crashes\Mini Crash on ramp 2.wav
Car crashes\Sports car over cliff and crash.wav
Cars\Car land suspension movement.wav
Cars\Door slam.wav
Cars\Door slam 2.wav
Cars\Door slam 3.wav
Cars\Drive Bys\Cars\Car drive by fast 4.wav
Engine loops\FAB1 cruise exterior.wav
Engine loops\FAB1 cruise exterior 2.wav
Interiors\FAB1 cruise loop.wav
Skidding\brake 2.wav
Skidding\Sudden Brake.wav
Thunderbirds\Thunderbird 2\Interior engine loop.wav
Thunderbirds\Thunderbird 2\Jet Loop 2.wav
trains\Monorail passenger car interior at speed.wav
trains\Monorail train goby with horn.wav

Todays update is dedicated to none other than Jonesy. :3

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Old 9th July 2010, 09:05 PM
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What a complete joke; RapidShare don't let free users download without 13-minute waits in-between each download.

No chance of uploading to a proper server? Can't Fanderson not provide you with server space?

And which links on your 1st post contain explosions, missile shots, gun shots and fly-bys? Are the explosion effects contained in the "Guns" link? And the updates are confusing; just which files on your 1st post have been updated?
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Old 10th July 2010, 04:09 AM
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Missiles and guns

The flybys are found in the vehicle rars.
The updates contain an assorted mix of the above which wasn't in the first release.

If you can suggest a place I can try to upload these thats:

1) Free
2) Files dont expire after no downloads after a while.
3) Has either no limit on the size of the files or has a limit of at least files that are 100mb in size.

Then I'll try to reupload them. As far as I know fanderson doesn't host its own files.
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cinesound, explosions, guns, library, sound effects

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