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Old 19th November 2010, 08:03 PM
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Exclamation FAB 68: 'Timelash', Ask Anderson and Your Letters: Deadline Feb 14th

Hi loyal readers!

For the next FAB (As Always) we are after your interesting letters, Ask Anderson questions for Gerry, and your memories for our 'Timelash' section, which this issue is going to be on the Joe 90 story: Hijacked.

If you don't fancy writing a full episode report, why not just leave a few lines below, and we'll print a selection alongside the 'bulk' of the article next issue!

Don't be shy, contribute and become a part of FAB, and while you're at it, spread the word by getting your friends to join Fanderson too!


Deadline for Timelash and Letter submissions: Feb 14th

Deadline for Ask Anderson submissions (askanderson@fanderson.org.uk) : January 31st 2011
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Old 20th January 2011, 06:06 PM
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Although this is not related to the episode concerned, I remember well the excitement pertaining to the screening of the first episode of "Joe 90"... I was brought up in a strict Catholic family, and the date of the first broadcast of "Joe 90" coincided with the day of my confirmation into the church.
I had been given my first watch as a present by my parents, and I continually kept looking at it, wondering if the service would be over before the episode aired. Being confirmed as one of Christ's children was not as important as missing the first episode of a new Gerry Anderson series.
Luckily, we made it home in time... but I was slightly disappointed as to me, a 9 year old, a certain magic seemed to be missing....
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Old 26th January 2011, 03:22 PM
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Default Message from Mario Colletti

Message from Mario Colletti - Mike Jones has asked above for your memories of the Joe 90 episode "Hijacked' - It might be in your best interests to send these to mike@fanderson.org.uk or the Colletti gang might have to pay you a visit. The DEADline for you is 14th February. You have been warned.

Note also the deadline for for Ask Anderson submissions January 31st 2011 - askanderson@fanderson.org.uk
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Old 26th January 2011, 11:19 PM
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There was a book shop in Lancaster which always put on a good display of the new Annuals as they came out...lined up like soldiers on the very top of their regular wooden shelving - out of prying hands' reach !

One Saturday I did my usual pilgramage and spotted a new purple-covered Annual with a circular something on it with a character sat inside. The name was clear - "Joe 90" ! What the hell was this as I had seen absolutely nothing of this strange new character [obviously from the studios of Gerry Anderson]

I'd just enough money [12/6d or 65 new pence] to make the purchase and get the 'bus home - by the time I got back I scoured the book cover to cover and practically knew everything there was to know about one Joe McClaine, his Dad, curiously friendly Uncle Sam and a whizzo flying car...
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