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Old 15th September 2017, 06:07 PM
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Default Space: 1999 script - 'Dorzak'


Personally. I wouldn't pay 450 or 635 for it... but it is signed by Barry Gray (which is ironic as he didn't do the music for series 2 - but then, some of the other signatures are even more bizarre).

Original Space 1999 Series Two Script "DORZAK" by Christopher Penfold.

This 67 pages Script has six original autographs on the cover, obtained over the years in several conventions.
Particularly noteworthy are the autographs of Barry Gray, now very rare and unavailable, and Barry Morse.
The autographs are all original (not photocopied) and are by:
- Barry Gray (author of the music of all Gerry Anderson series)
- Barry Morse (actor)
- Suzanne Roquette (actress)
- Sarah Douglas (actress)
- Gray Morrow (illustrator)
- David Hirsch (Starlog editor, Space 1999 Alliance)
"I...never want to see you...again."

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Old 16th September 2017, 01:04 PM
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Too Tall Tim Johnson
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Default Autographed items

I have the CEN21 Journey to the Moon LP signed by Barry Gary on the back - Anyone want to pay 600+ for that - sorry not selling.
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