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Old 22nd January 2019, 01:53 PM
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Default Joe 90 - Technically the Best Series?

I have always felt that "Joe 90" was unjustly sidelined in Gerry Anderson's catalogue and sat in the shadow of more popular shows like "Thunderbirds" and "Stingray", yet it seemed to me to be the apex of his Supermarionation productions:

(i) The puppetry is nuanced and refined
(ii) The model work on the sets is astonishingly detailed
(iii) The half hour format suits the nature of the series (I always found "Thunderbirds" suffered from the lengthier episodes)
(iv) Gerry's reported relative lack of involvement reduced some of the more peculiar 'humorous' touches that other series suffered from
(v) The series benefited from stronger scriptwriting and the "real-world" setting as more of an espionage.sci-fi series than a heroic rescue show

Just my view and a biased one, of course, but thought it was worth putting up for discussion as the series always feels underappreciated.
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