Thunderbirds Are Go watched by over 1 million UK kids

Thunderbirds Are Go

According to the ITV GE Kids July Newsletter, over 1.3m unique kids in the UK have so far watched Thunderbirds Are Go on ITV and CITV. More boys 6-11 have watched Thunderbirds Are Go than Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars and Power Rangers for the same age group. In Australia and New Zealand, it was the top-rated show for 5-12 year olds across all channels at the time of launch.

Thunderbirds Are Go is also ready to launch in the Middle East and Israel later in the year. MBC3 will air the series from August. ITV Studios Global Entertainment has appointed MBC as the licensing agent for the market, and Toy Triangle as the master toy partner, with products launching from January 2016.

The series will air on Noga in Israel from December, with toys from Ilanit launching just after the TV broadcast. ITVSGE has appointed LDI as the licensing agent for the region.

Meanwhile, the Tracy Island playset has been listed as one of the ‘Top 10 toys for Christmas’ by Argos, Hamleys and Tesco in the UK. Initial sales of the Thunderbirds Are Go toy range in Australia and New Zealand have proven to be strong. The DVD is also a success, reaching top of the charts at all major retailers according to ITV.

Thunderbirds Are Gp bootcamp

Fans who are signed up to the series official website, will already be aware of the imminent launch the Thunderbirds Are Go: Bootcamp, featuring a host of weekly activities, downloads, videos, fun facts, polls and quizzes to keep fans engaged until the main site returns with episode 14 in autumn 2015. ITV reports 33,000 active users and over half a million page views per month, with an average 7 minute dwell time.

Fanderson to release new Captain Scarlet mini albums

Captain Scarlet mini album - Big Ben Strikes Again Captain Scarlet mini album Flight 104 Captain Scarlet mini-album Special Assignment

  • Coming soon to Fanderson Sales
  • Specially recorded versions of 3 Captain Scarlet episodes
  • Special narration from Captain Blue

Around fifteen years ago Fanderson released two special mini albums containing four Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons episodes that had previously never been released.

What made them unique was they had been given the ‘mini album treatment’, and contained specially recorded narration by Captain Blue voice artist, Ed Bishop.

Ralph Titterton selected the episodes whilst Cathy Ford and Ros Connors took the scripts and wrote the linking dialogue. The recordings took place at TVS Studios Maidstone in September 1993.

The first two stories, Manhunt and Model Spy were released by Fanderson in 1999 under the title The Manhunt For Captain Black. A second release including Big Ben Strikes Again and The Heart Of New York appeared on the CD The Power Of The Mysterons.

Four other titles were recorded but never released as the club focused on developing its range of highly successful soundtrack albums, the most recent of which is the hugely popular Thunderbirds 50th anniversary 4-disc set.

We have received several requests to re-release the first four Captain Scarlet episodes. Rather than do that, we thought we would take the opportunity to incorporate two of the previously unreleased stories, Flight 104 and Special Assignment, together with Big Ben Strikes Again into a new set. This will form the first of a special range of Captain Scarlet mini albums.

Watch out earthmen! Coming very soon from Fanderson sales!