ITV launches live interactive Thunderbirds experience

















Fanderson members have been given first access to an amazing new live interactive Thunderbirds theatrical event taking place in London later this year. Thunderbirds: Beyond the Horizon will be hosted at The Buzz at Mercato Metropolitano, from Wednesday 7 November 2018. Tickets go on general sale from Thursday 26 April, but Fanderson members can book from today, Wednesday 25 April, at

Thunderbirds: Beyond the Horizon is a collaboration between Limelight Productions, ebp (Emma Brunjes Productions) and ITV Studios.

Richard Lewis from Limelight Productions said today, “Three years ago, I began a journey with ITV which will culminate this autumn in the opportunity to experience the world of International Rescue. My ambition has always been to have our audience experience the visceral feeling of being rescued by a Thunderbird. It’s not an easy task, so much so that we have had to build our own venue in London to do so!”

Emma Brunjes and Ralph Brunjes from ebp said today, “All our immersive productions have been technically and creatively complicated and encourage you to escape, but this one offers us the chance to push the boundaries even further.”

The Buzz at Mercato Metropolitano in Borough, London is the first venue of its kind, and has been specifically built with immersive and event theatre in mind.

The format of the show sees Lady Penelope inviting audience members to the launch of The Horizon Project at a top-secret location. But all is not as it seems, and the audience will need to help International Rescue to save the Horizon Project from the evil clutches of the Hood.

We can’t wait for the show to start! Thunderbirds are go!

Jeremy Wilkin has died

We are saddened to hear that Jeremy Wilkin, the voice of Virgil Tracy and many other Anderson productions, has died.

Jeremy replaced David Holliday as the pilot of Thunderbird 2 for the second series, voicing Virgil in all six episodes as well as both feature films. Following this, he voiced a host of voices in Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, Joe:90 and The Secret service. He also had an uncredited appearance in Doppelgänger before being cast in UFO as the SkyDiver crew member Lieutenant Gordon Maxwell. Besides Anderson productions, Jeremy is fondly remembered for contributions to other iconic series and films, including Doctor Who (Revenge of the Cybermen), Blake’s 7 and the James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me.

Jeremy became a regular attendee at Fanderson conventions alongside his fellow Tracy brother voice artists.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends. An obituary will be appearing in FAB 88.