Fanderson releases more Century 21 mini albums!

The Impostors -  Century 21 mini album

Fanderson is delighted to announce the release of our tenth Century 21 mini album set!

The club has been faithfully releasing three-disc CD replicas of the original Century 21 Mini Albums for many years. The latest release features two re-tellings of classic Thunderbirds episodes – Thirty Minutes After Noon and The Impostors – plus a non-Anderson curio: Nursery Rhyme Time.

Each CD comes in its own card sleeve replica of the original record, with the trio then packaged together in a plastic wallet.

30 Minutes Afternoon - Century 21 mini album

Running to approximately 63 minutes, the set is available to order online now at the following prices:

  • UK – £19.50
  • Europe – £21.00
  • Rest of the world – £22.50

Order your mini album set today (scroll down from ‘Audiobooks and Mini Albums’)


Nursery Rhyme Time - Century 21 mini album

Please remember that our sales items are only available to Fanderson members.

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Space: 1999 Masterpiece Collection Launched

Space 1999 masterpiece collectionSixteen 12 Collectibles Ltd has officially launched their fully licensed studio scale 44inch Space: 1999 masterpiece collection.

The company’s new website features the tooling models for a 44inch Eagle Transporter, Rescue Eagle, Laboratory Eagle, VIP Eagle Eagle Freighter and Cargo Eagle, as well as a 31inch Hawk!

Just to add to the exclusivity of these superb, museum-quality models, cast members Nick Tate, Prentis Hancock, Ziena Merton and Catherine Schell as well as Eagle designer Brian Johnson are acting as signatories for the range.

If you haven’t yet reserved your edition then don’t delay! You can find out more by visiting